There are 8 operating airline terminals At JFK Airport, Terminals 1 to 8. Terminals are located around the central terminal area (CTA). The terminals and parking lots in the central terminal area are divided into five areas.

Telephone numbers:

Police/Emergency Services
(718) 244-4333

Lost and Found
(718) 244-4225
(718) 244-4226

Medical Services
(718) 656-5344
Building 198

Airport Information
(718) 244-4444



I need to transfer from terminal 8 to terminal 7 and will have luggage. I would prefer to take a taxi rather than the airtrain. Is this possible?

Yes it is possible to take a taxi between the terminals.

Good afternoon,

I am a South African citizen that traveled to America for two weeks, and upon my return this morning (28 March 2012 - Fligth was on 27 March - 11:15 from Terminal 4 at gate B29 with SA204) I lost my camera at the security checkpoint.

Could you please assist in telling me what the number is that I can call, or person is that I can email to make sure if there is anything I can do to get it back? It really has a lot of sentimental value.

I recieved a number this morning, and I'm also trying the numbers on your site, but with no luck.. Maybe you could assist in the right dialing code from South Africa to America, as well as the business hours in which the lost and found department operates?

Kind Regards,
Nantes Kirsten

Try to put this posting on Lost and Found. You may have a better shot at getting your belonging back.

i see alert that airtran will not run after 9pm. i need to get t8 to t4 in 1 1/2 hrs. can i walk? what are alternatives to airtran, where is airtran after getting off plane in t8?


Hi My first time at JFK. I am arriving this Thursday at 12.40pm at T3... what is the wait time for a cab? I´ve read that area outside of T3 is very crowded and cramped. Just out of interest, are there terminals at JFK where cab queues are noticeably shorter? As there is a free air train to hop to another terminal, is it worthwhile? Thanks for any insight!

Free air train that will take you from one terminal to the other is the best solution in this case.

what is the easiest route to get from terminal 8 sunday pm to manhattan (Penn station)

Take any train on track 1 to Jamaica Station then transfer to Subway to Penn Station.

Hello!My wife arrived JFK at 1:12 PM at terminal 8. Can she get connection flight which is at 3:00PM in Terminal 8 after passing through custom. There is no AA connecting flight from JFK to Cleveland(CLE)

She should have enough time for her connection.

I am landing at JFK by EK201 from Dubai on 21 April 12 at 1415 Hrs on Terminal 4 with a connecting flight of Jet Blue B61085 to Charlotte,NC at 1630 hrs from Terminal 5 ---Is this time sufficient to go through immigration at Terminal4 and reach Terminal 5---Regards!


I am unable to find information about a possible hairdressing facility at JFK airport


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