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LAX Los Angeles Airport guide website which offers full production lists and histories of most major airliners

US Aviation - America's Aviation Headquarters

Planes, pics and facts - offers you unique Military and Civil aircraft pictures combined with their technical information. The fact sheets contain large amounts of information like first flights, engine power etc.. - Aviation Links

New Yorkled

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Help I need to know if there is a place to rest at the airport and shower ect. I have a 12 hr layover..

please confirm that CONSIGNMENT TAGGED DIPLOMATIC LUGGAGE 122 WITH REF. NO1226/X42/206. is being held at your diplomatic wing pending us customs clearance certificate.

This is an all new JFK limousine service in New York City for transfers to Manhattan hotels.

This is the worst airport website I have come across. Where is the map of the entire airport, with public transport highlighted? Where is the NYC map with the airport on it? Where is the email address to complain about the uselessness of this website? Please step up and make it Better!! Please. You would have many more satisfied customers.

This is not the official airport website

This is:

and has all the information you're looking for.

does anyone know where i can find a currency exchange in JFK? i have an international flight tomorrow and would like to convert a small amount before i leave. thanks!

Where do I find a flight guide for JFK, at least for international destinations? Every other airport website I've been to has clear and uncluttered websites with excellent flight guides. I must say, this is by far the worst airport website I've visited all day. It seems impossible to navigate to actual flight information.

This is a very poor website for accessing this information. Other airport sites make this available.

I am flyingout dec 27th. The on-line commercial parking lots are full. What should I do? How baout the airport long term parking?

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