Terminal 2


Airlines that operate from JFK Airport Terminal 2 (gates 19-30)

Airlines Phone Number(s) IATA code
Delta (Domestic) (800) 221-1212 DL



If your info is correct(arriving at T2) then you won't need to go through customs/immigration.
Take Airtrain across the streets from T2 on track 2 and get off at T8. It takes only couple of minutes.

hi there,any1 will go to SFO from T2 on Jul 30th at 7.15 A.M ?


I am traveling to SFO and have to check in at Terminal 2. I have 2 very large bags and would require assistance. Is there curb side check in available at terminal 2?


any 1 flying from dublin to san fran via newyork on 21st of may ??

hello. I am going to arrive in Terminal 2 and i have to transfer to Terminal 3. so how far are those terminals. Is there have any bus? If there have can you let me know the number of that bus?

You don't need a bus . Don't exit the building- T2 and T3 are connected behind the security. Just follow the signs to your gate at T3.

can you tell me if the delta flight number 0164 due to leave JFK for Dublin on 04/21/10 is going ahead

can you tell me if the delta flight number 0164 due to leave JFK for Dublin tonight at 10.25pm is going ahead as at the moment the Airports in Dublin are closed and all flights cancelled and it looks bad for tomorrow.

Is there a way to transfer between t2 and t3 without having to go through security again?

Yes, those two terminals are connected.


I am driving from Montreal to New York early saturday morning to catch a flight saturday at 7pm to San Juan. A few months ago, we thought there would be less snow in NY than in Mtl!! Wrong!!! My cruise leaves sunday evening. Will I make it?

Without any airline information how can i guide you? Need to know the approx arrival time for your montreal flight and the airline you are conntecting from and to.

I am traveling in delta from Miami and I will meet my mom who is traveling from Ponce the same day. She is traveling in Jet blue. Do this airlines share the same terminal? if not, how is the best way for us to meet?

Both airlines do NOT share the same Terminal. Delta buildings(T2 or T3) can be little confused, so the best place to meet is at Jet Blue Terminal 5. Take Airtrain from T2(or T3) over to T5.


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