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Any special airlines deal for JFK to Chicago?

I like to travel on 11th OCT - on any available flight after 8pm .

I know of two flights - Jet Blue 915 leaving at 9:20pm and American Airlines 3854 leaving at 10pm ..

Is there any other options available?

If anyone know of any coupon codes or promotional fare available from above mentioned two airlines?

Is there a plane from JFK to East Hampton? what´s the easiest way to get there?
Thanks a million...

No air routes. Easiest is by the LIRR Montauk branch train to Easthampton. Take AirTrain on track 1 from terminal to Jamaica Station, transfer there to LIRR. Fare is $14 off peak/$19.25 peak. Taxi would cost you close to $200.

I intend to travel from JFK to Kalamazoo on 28 August at abt 3.30pm. Can I easily get a flight to Azo immediately I arrive without booking in advance?

Double check with the airlines first.

Hey! I need a good deal. . to Florence,SC for Aug 2nd.
I am actually landing at JFK, on the same day at 0755 hrs, and I am coming from India with an F1 visa. I might have 3 baggages with me excluding the cabin baggage. So, I would like to know my options.

Love this !!! Cheap airfare secrets from a fired airline travel agent. This information will work with any airline worldwide, pretty amazing stuff! It's great for frequent travelers like myself, others and people who are looking to save a few dollars!

Thanks for the info. has very reasonable prices.


I wanna go to Pakistan and I'm wondering to know if I can take my desktop touchsmart computer with me. Actually my question is that if I can put my computer in my baggage because it's too big to carry with me inside the plan. Please write me as soon as possible.

You should be OK with your computer in a carry on bag.

I am looking for the least expensive flight from JFK to Niagara Falls (round-trip) on or about the end of April or beginning of May, 2011.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Search on for all the deals on domestic and international flights.

please responde

I want to travel from london to JFK pls what's the airfare and what company am i going with.
pls let me know now


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