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Terminal 6


All JetBlue operations have moved to Terminal 5.


Between 5 and 10 minutes.

5 minutes walking...

I was on flight # 7 from Buffalo to JFK yesterday Jan. 1/09. Seated in 4A, left blue/red wallet in seat pocket.
Please call 732-727-3390 or cell 647-898-5240.

Thank you.

Bernadette Leps

I will be landing at terminal 6 and I will be catching another flight at terminal 2, how can I get there? is there a train? or a bus? (with lables)

I'm traveling dec. 27th on Lanchile airlines from Santiago, Chile to JFK airport. Could you tell me which terminal I will be getting off and which terminal I will need to reboard. If by any chance you have a map, I would appreciate it if you send it to me.

thank you!!

Would 1 hour be enough time to connect between two jet blue flights with 2 kids 4 & 6 within terminal 6? Thanks.

yes you should be fine. terminal six is big, but not unmanagable.

I will be arriving at JFK on Delta and meeting someone who is arriving at JFK on Jet Blue roughly 1 hour later. Where would a good meeting place be?

My first time to fly with jetblue and arrived at the terminal of chaos.Security was down and nobody could give us any information. Ques hundreds of people long and no one to explain why. We had just flown from Australia and talked to people in the que saying they waited 3 hours to book luggage in and have been waiting another hour in a que that has not moved.Problems happen but people need to be informed,a very frustrating experience.We then went and flew with another airline

Are there any decent sit-down restaurants in terminal 6? I tried searching for terminal info/maps online and could not find anything.

How far away is Terminal #6 from Terminal #7 and can you access it on foot?


My husband and i are flying out of JFK via JET BLUE In September and i was just wondering Can we be dropped off in front of Terminal 6 or is there another place for drop off? thanks for the help!

i am flying to st. maartens on jet blue this sunday but i don't know what terminal i should be going to if someone can help me out thank you...

my wife and child are coming from santo domingo on aug 12, 2008 and i want to know do i pick them up in terminal 6 or do i have to go some where else. please let me know. thank you


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