JFK International Airport AirTrain

AirTrain JFK is the train service that operates between JFK
International Airport, Long Island Rail Road trains and New York City Subway.
It also serves as an on-airport service connecting the airline terminals, rental
car facilities, hotel shuttles, and airport parking lots.

Air Train JFK has
3 routes:

  • Howard Beach route

The Howard Beach route ends at the Howard Beach-JFK subway station. It stops
at Lefferts Boulevard (connecting transit services - B15 bus) for shuttle buses
to long term parking lots A and B and to airport employee parking.

Connecting transit services: A subway train, Q11 bus

  • Jamaica Station route

The Jamaica route ends at Jamaica Station on the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR)
next to the Sutphin Boulevard/Archer Avenue-JFK subway station (to Brooklyn
and Manhattan or Queens).

Connecting transit services: E, J and Z subway
trains, Q6, Q8, Q9, Q20A, Q20B, Q25/Q34, Q30, Q31, Q40, Q43, Q44, Q60  and
Q65 buses

Both routes make a counterclockwise loop through the airport and stop at each

  • Airline Terminal route

The Airline Terminal route connects 6 terminal stations (Terminal 1, 2-3,
4, 5-6, 7 and 8-9). Route operates in the opposite direction, making a clockwise
All JFK AirTrain stations are wheelchair accessible. Howard Beach subway and
Jamaica Long Island Railroad stations are wheelchair accessible too.

AirTrain Fare Information

  • Fare of 5$ at Howard Beach or Jamaica Station
  • Rides between all other JFK AirTrain stations are free



I will be arriving in JFK on 3/18, at 07.55 AM by Emirates (EK-203). If my connecting flight to Bangor (US Airways) is scheduled at 12.30 PM, do I have enough time for custom and airport transfer to Laguardia ?


I'm planning on arriving at JFK on Jet Blue at 7:32 p.m. on 3/14/12 and want to take the Air Train to the Jamaica Station and then go on to the LIRR to Atlantic Terminal. Is the Air Train running to the Jamaica Station from Terminal 5? I saw an alert that it will only run from Jamaica Station to Federal Circle. Is this true?

Thank you.

No its not. Air train will work from terminal 5 on track 1 to Jamaica Station.
Von Hagen

How do I get from a terminal 3 gate arrival to the air train location to go to terminal 1 for a departure internationally?

Take an elevator to the 3rd floor thats where an air train is located. Take it on track 2 from T3 to T1.

I am scheduled to arrive terminal 3 gate 1 at 3:15 pm on 3/18 from Detroit and depart via terminal 3 gate B20 to Brussels at 7:05pm. Is there really a gate B20 in terminal 3? I don't see it on the map of this terminal. I suppose it's a mistake and the gate B20 seems to be in terminal 4. If it's the case, is there enough time taking the airtrain to make this connection?

You have enough time for making that connection and you are right gate B20 is at terminal 4.

Gate B20 is at T4 - delta uses those gates as well

Main hub for Delta is terminal 2/3 thats why a question popped up.

I am scheduled to arrive terminal 3 at 6:50 pm on 3/13 and depart via terminal 1 at 8:05. Is there enough time taking the airtrain to make this connection?


How do I move from terminal 4 to terminal 3 ?

Take any train on track 2 for all terminals from terminal 4 to terminal 3.

Hi, my flight is from LAN and I will arrive to JFK at 7:30 AM I need to take another flight to Europe at 7 PM. What do you recomend to visit Manhattan in 8 hours? Howard Beacht is alright? Is it secure? Thanks a lot


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