There are 8 operating airline terminals At JFK Airport, Terminals 1 to 8. Terminals are located around the central terminal area (CTA). The terminals and parking lots in the central terminal area are divided into five areas.

Telephone numbers:

Police/Emergency Services
(718) 244-4333

Lost and Found
(718) 244-4225
(718) 244-4226

Medical Services
(718) 656-5344
Building 198

Airport Information
(718) 244-4444



I am arriving at JFK on flight QF107 terminal 7 my flight leaves from Sydney stops at LAX then continues to JFK do I clear imm/customs at LAX or JFK? How do I get from terminal 7 to terminal 2?
Thank you Marcia

JFK as it is your first point of entry into the U.S. On air train on track 2 from T7 to T2.

In about 10 days (on a Sunday Morning), I'll be flying in to Terminal 4, arriving at 0625 (on DL). My connecting flight is in Terminal 8 (on AA) departing at 0750.


How do I get from Terminal 4 to Terminal 8?

Do I have to go through security (both domestic flights)?

Is an hour and 25 minutes enough time?

I will be arriving in Terminal 4 (via Delta) at 0625 and need to catch my connection in Terminal 8 (via American) at 0750.

I have an hour an 25 minutes. Is that enough time to get from T4 to T8?

Will I have to clear security again?

How do I actually get from T4 to T8? I've never flown through JFK before.

Thank you!

i am returning from a trip to morocco in august and have 4 1/2 hours from when i arrive to when my connecting flight leaves. is that enough time to clear customs and make it to my next flight? arrive in terminal 1 and leave from terminal 5.

I have Finnair flight AY006 to Helsinki at 17:40.
Do I have time enought to catch the flight if i arrive from Las Vegas with American Airlines AA264 at 16:07

My son will be arriving alone at JFK terminal 5 and needs to get to terminal 4. What directions should I give him? How long will it take? Thanks.

Take an air train on track 2 from T5 to T4. It only takes about 2 minutes.

Can any one please help me ???
i have a flight from Abu Dhabi to Boston through AA airline and there is a layover of 2 n half hour in JFK airport.
As i am entering in US for very first time after getting US immigration visa approved , so there will be immigration procedure in which i have to give them a seal envelop of my case file , so that they can enter in there systems.
My worries is that will i be able to get enough time to board next flight to Boston in 2 n half hour hour from other terminal and my second question is that do i have to collect my luggage from JFK airport or it will be automatically transfer to my other flight and i can collect it from Boston airport.

I am arriving from dubai to JFK by Emirates on may 11/2013 at 2.25 and have a connection flight to Fort Lardale-FLL by Jet Blue at 5.30 with my family. Do I have enough time to process through customs and connect to terminal 5? How can we go from T 4 to T 5?

Yes you have plenty of time to connect. Go on an air train from T4 to T5 on track 2.

We are arriving at JFK (terminal 3) on delta at 2:41 pm, leaving JFK (terminal 4) at 11:00 pm to Dubai on Etihad airways. Can we store our baggage in Terminal 4 at arrival until time of check in? we'd like a few hours in NYC.


I fly into JFK by CA981 on May 26, ETA 1420hrs, connect to B6024 from JFK to Syracuse, ETD 1700hrs. I need to clear customs first, then go to Terminal 5 to check in my B6 flight, is the connection time okay for me to catch my B6 flight?



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