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Terminal 2


Airlines that operate from JFK Airport Terminal 2 (gates 19-30)

Airlines Phone Number(s) IATA code
Delta (Domestic) (800) 221-1212 DL


I left my wallet in the seat pouch while I slept and got down the flight without picking it up. I was sitting in Delta 1162 which flew from LAX to JFK, arrived destination at 2/24/2016, 5:40AM EST. I was sitting on seat 41A.

Hi, I believe my wallet fell out of my car at the drop off in Terminal 2 yesterday 2/21/16. It is a pink Kate Spade wallet. $ reward offered if returned.
Thank you,

Hi all, I left my silver MacBook Pro laptop in one of the plastic bins at the security line for terminal 2 this afternoon (January 16th). It has a few black smudges on the front. If found please contact Max at [email protected] or (773-576-4689). Thanks

Lost my iPhone on December 23rd @ around 4pm. I was standing in line at the taxi stand just outside where the ground transportation desk is in Terminal 2 (Delta Domestic). It is locked & has a contact number on the screen via Find My iPhone (iCloud) showing unless the battery has died.

Please email [email protected] if you have found this. $$ Reward offered.

I left my ipad mini charging at Delta Gate C66 at 6pm on Sunday, Nov 29th. It was being charged with a black Verizon charger. If you happen to have it you can reach me at 720-218-3116. Many important pictures and files are on there.

Thank you .


Hi, I was on flight 2817 out of Terminal 2 from JFK to MIA last evening, and I believe I left a canvas tote bag with graphics on it saying "shlep bag", containing a purple yoga strap, either in the terminal or on the plane. It was Gate 69. Please contact me at 917-301-3891 if you have any information.

Sorry forgot to post it was Delta Terminal yesterday Sept. 3,2015.

Left my Kindle on seat on Terminal 2. Came in from outside kiosk going to security. The
kindle was in a brown leather Belkin cover. Please call or text me at 631 521 6403. Thank you.

I left ipad in seat back pocket. It is in a grey rubberized case. Once you turn on has blue-ish circles/bubbles that move up and down the screen. I was on DL 342 that came in last night close to 9. I was seated in 23E. If you find please text/call 617-899-3623 or email [email protected]

Thanks a bunch

Traveled from JFK to Vancouver last Thursday night, July 30. We left an Ipad Mini at the gate (#69). It had a red cover on it and was filled with children's games. Any information, please email me at [email protected]. Thank you.

Canadian citizen, flying Alitalia AZ7616 Code Share Delta DL0475 (VCE to JFK),- which terminal will be the arrival terminal? Connecting to flight DL2515 (JFK to YVR) - what terminal will I depart from? Can I check my luggage through to YVR from VCE or do I have to pick up my luggage at JFK, go through security, and re-check my luggage for the JFK/YVR flight? If so, will 3 hours be enough time? Thank you.

I'm booked on Delta flight leaving Toronto & arriving JFK Terminal 2 @ 13:45 and then departing from Terminal 4 @ 14:55 to fly to San Juan.
1) How do I get from Terminal 2 to Terminal 4 without having to go through security?
2) Will I have to get my luggage @ JFK or will it go directly to San Juan?
3) Do I have to go through immigration?
4) Is 1 hr. & 10 min. sufficient to get from T2 to T4?

I am flying out on Sat AM at 8:30AM from Delta Terminal 2

I wish to meet someone who is flying into Delta Terminal 4 at 6:00 AM

Could you advise the best way to accomplish this?

Thank you.

saya kehilangan dompet pada tanggal 11 nov 2013, kemungkinan di ruang tunggu. waktu itu saya melakukan penerbangan CGK-DXB, degan pesawat EK 357 (Emirates). bagi pihaK YANG MENEMUKAN TOLONG, SAYA MENGHARAP BANTUANNYA KARENA DI DOMPET SAYA TERSEBUT TERDAPAT SIM,KTP,KTKLN. sedang uangnya berapapun yg di dalam dompet saya relakan buat yang menemukan dan berkenan mengembalikan.

I lost my wallet on 11 nov 2013 suspected in waiting room, flight EK 357 CGK-DXB. Pls help me, i need id card, licence driving, KTKLN ( card for indonesian worker).

My daughter's Delta flight from Heathrow to JFK (today) shows that there was a 2h. 15m. delay. So her original 4 hour layover is now only 1.5 hours. Arrival gate is B25 and her flight to Cleveland is gate c64. Will she make this (I believe she'll have to clear customs)?


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