Terminal 2


Airlines that operate from JFK Airport Terminal 2 (gates 19-30)

Airlines Phone Number(s) IATA code
Delta (Domestic) (800) 221-1212 DL



This terminal is terminally ill! It's disgusting dirt and filthy. Who runs this place clean it up so embarrassing for your city. Clean it up gross!

This happen 1h ago Can someone from delta please help
Flight 507 , raw A25

I left a grey notebook in the seatback of flight 1631

I lost 3 rolled up paintings on the jetway before entering the plane flying out of gate C69 at terminal 2 on a delta flight DL1085 on 2/28 at 7:27 pm.

Left my i pad in the seat pocket on yesterdays Delta Flight into Terminal 2 from West Pail Beach to JFK. Delta Fight 2852 and sat in seat 29D.
Let me know if this has been found,

Hello I lost my French passport while booking a Delta flight from JFK to SAV red cover French language with American visa. I am in the USA contact email [email protected] thank you!

Flying to JFK from Austin TX, and transferring to a Delta Connection flight. Is the Delta Connection gates in the same terminal as other Delta domestic flights?


Just an hour ago I left my 13in Gunmetal MacBook pro in a seat next gate 65 near a trashcan. Please contact

Thank you.


I went through terminal 2's tsa precheck line security and had placed my IWATCH in one of the plastic container with my carry on. It was approximately 7:00 am and i was travelling on Monday April 16 2018 to Miami on delta 2190 It was an black IWatch and when I picked up my carry on, I did not see it, and unfortunately I left it there. It there by any chance that I can recover my iWacht, or something elsse that I can do, please let me know at my e-mail
Thank you very much

Just wondering what is the easiest route to get from Terminal 2 to Terminal 4 , I know that there is a Delta shuttle bus but I don't know the exact location of the station inside terminal.

i left my green and blue celine wallet in terminal 2 in amici restaurant. contact me

I have 8 hours between my domestic flight to international, will Delta airlines transit my luggage to the next flight?

Waiting for my luggage to be delivered to my house as promised last night. My file reference number is JFKDL55793. We were supposed to get the bags today. I cannot reach anyone by phone at all. What can be done???

hello, i would like to ask, I will be connecting flight from Hong Kong to Jakarta T2 then change to T3 to Makassar. So do I need to claim my luggage from JFK airport and then check in again for my flight to Makassar????
The delta flight will arrive at JFK terminal 2 and the int'l flight departure is at terminal 3. Do I need to clear custom when travelling from T2 to T3?

I lost my black Nike hoodie please return if found!!! Please


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