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Hello, my cousin is flying in from overseas sometime today, but we were not able to exchange info about his flight.. I am curious if there is any way they airport staff could look up arriving passenger by last name??

We are staying at a nearby hotel and was wondering if dining was available to anyone or if you had to have an airline ticket purchased. If anyone can dine is there a list of restuarants? Thank you

I'll arrive NY Kennedy Int. Airport August 3, 2009 at 7:25 am and will leave the same day at 5:25 pm. I'd like to book a sightseeing tour from the airport and am very grateful for any assistance on this subject.
Thanks very much and greetings,

i shall be landing on jfk terminal 4 on 18th july on 15.oo.i have to take delta flight from terminal 3 at19.00.pls show mw nevigation map to reach terminal 3 from trminal long it takes to reach from 4 to 3.thank you.
pls attach map also.

From Terminal 4 take the free Air Train in the counter-clockwise direction to Terminal 3. Click on Air Train on the JFK site navigation for the Air Train map.

i was asking if there is any links for the immigration service of Office in JFK ?
thank you

I would like to know if a 20yr old can buy alcohol at the Duty free shops in JFK to bring overseas.

Does anyone know the cheapest way to get from JFK on 1/1/09 at approx. 10:00 p.m. to East Flatbush?


I am trying to find out if a flight arrived on time to India from JFK, leaving JFK on 7/24/08 PM to India! And exactly what time it arrived there (our time).

Hi,My name is Dominic Y.Baffoe,
At my arrival at the jfk airport,the US Immigration officier who received me entered a wrong birth date year in my record. As an exchange student I am entitle to apply for a Social security number. The social security officier to whom i spoke to at the Cherry Hill office in south jersey told me to return to the US immigration border at my arrival airport to have the informations change but,I do not have the phone number to contact them for an eventual appointment or for more details about the process to follow.I will appreciate if you can reply this email by given me the number for the US.Immigration office of the JFK Airport.

I have to travel from JFK to Allentown, Any idea how can I get there?

We are due to go to Florida in early September flying with Delta from Edinburgh (Scotland) via JFK to Orlando. One of the return flight options gives us the opportunity to have a 12hr layover at JFK before our return flight to Edinburgh. My question is, if we choose this option will we be allowed to leave JFK and visit New York or will we be restricted due to being checked straight through on the Delta flights.

Any help greatly appreciated !!

I am to arrive in JFK from Fort Lauderdale on JetBlue Flight 62 and have to transfer to Terminal 4 for an AIR INDIA flight (112) to London Heathrow leaving at 1945.

Do I have sufficent transfer time to collect my luggage and get to terminal 4 to check in for this flight?

Look forwards to your assistance

Philip Smith

Am looking for subway or train routes to Hauppage, NY. It is located about in the center of Long Island.

Is there a place to store luggage at airport or a train station while one would go into the City to sightsee and then continue to Hauppage?


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