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My family and I travelled on Flight SAA 203 sunday 11 July to JFK. On arrival, my niece`s bag had obviously been tampered with at Johannesburg, with an empty can of Coca Cola and a ribbon placed in the luggage. My concern is the lack of security, where anything can be placed in a piece of luggage, whether it be contraband, or an explosive device. The passenger is entirely unaware as to this, as the lugggage has already been checked thru.
Any contraband found at JFK would result in severe penalty to the passenger.
It a timed device was placed in luggage, and was set to activate on arrival at JFK, the results could be catastrophic.
As a frequent flyer to the US, this is the first time that this has happened, but did cause some panic amongst family members.
Is there any way that security can be beefed at airports outside the US,up under orders from the US Government.

Gary Gray


I am taking a domestic Jetblue flight from BOS to JFK and have to connect to a Lan Ecuador flight to Guayaquil. I believe the Jetblue flight arrives at Terminal 8 and the Lan Ecuador fligth departs from Terminal 4. How do I get from one terminal to the other? Is there a cost envolved? Do I have the JFK terminals for each airline correct?


Jet Blue from BOS arrives at T5; take Airtrain on track 2 to Terminal 4 - it is free.

I had the misfortune of accompanying someone to JFK yesterday. The person was elderly and requested a wheel chair through their carrier, Egypt Air. I have never seen such disorganization and uncoordinated efforts like I saw in terminal 4 yesterday! After checking in your baggage, you have to stand on a line to drop your luggage off at the conveyor belt. The traveler we accompanied sat in the wheel chair while my husband and I had to stand on a line for approximately an hour and a half to drop off the luggage! Half way through the wait the person wheeling her and the person "supposedly" organizing the line said if the person is in a wheel chair, they can go with their luggage to the front of the line. As we listened, we left the line to move forward, which took us at least 10 minutes. When we got to the front, we were yelled at, abused and told we were trying to cut the line! The jest of the whole thing is, we lost our spot, we had to go back to the end of the line and the traveler we accompanied was wheeled all the way in, leaving her luggage with us (isn't this against security rule?). We never even got to say goodbye to her. JFK and Egypt Air personnel were rude and crass. There has to be a better way to treat travelers. Why can't you check in and just drop off your luggage like it's done everywhere else? I was very disappointed and will do anything to avoid traveling out of JFK or on Egypt Air in the future!

I am arriving JFK at 22:15 on Delta to T3. Will be taking El Al flight to Israel from T4 at 23:50. Is there a way to get from T3 to T4 without exiting T3 and going through security again at T4? If not, is 1 1/2 hours enough time to make the transfer? I am sending my 1 luggage through from LAX to Israel.
Please advise ASAP, flight leaves tomorrow morning.

Miriam K.

I wonder if "meet and assist" service would be available at JFK?


I am and Airline Employee with a standyby ticket on Jet Airways and Air India would appreciate the following information:

1. Is there a inter airport shuttle from JFK to EWR?Do I have to pay for it?

2.Are there any cheap hotels near JFK airport or could I wait at the airport itself for 24 hours?

1. Yes , there is . It is $30/passenger.
2. None of the hotels around JFK are cheap($120 and up).
Terminal 4 at JFK is open 24 hours.

Hi, I land at JFK at 12.15 (jet airways) on sunday from india and have to catch a 3 pm flight at Laguardia ... will I make it?

Yes; take a taxi(~$30,20min) or NYAS bus($13,20-30min,leaves every 30 min) - you have to be at LGA 1pm-1:30pm.

great so i presume i can get through immigration/customs ...etc, get bags and make it to LGA within 1.5hrs of landing. Thanks.


I am traveling to Japan on Monday April 19th and 12:30pm, when should i arrive at the airport to get through check in and security checks on time? and also, are there foreign currency exchanges available?

Which airline are you traveling on?

Personal goods were removed from my brothers luggage at JFK by TSA they left 2 notes in the bag. We have phoned +- 60 people in the USA and in our USA councular offices, to no avail we just come to a blank wall nobody at TSA is prepared to help, I cannot get hold of some of the more senior staff to help. They have forwarded a website that you can claim but we want the goods back as we cannot obtain this in our country The goods are two coil over shockabsorbers bought at Aldans in LA. This is for rebuilding a 1939 Chevy The shopping for these items gave the whole family such pleasure, but alas this is now a diaster. We have traveled from Chicago to Boston to NY to DC to Miami and back to JFK and the luggage was searched and notes left and the goods were left in the luggage. Why now?

used to be able to access the radar screens to see aircraft approaching. How do I get that screen


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