JFK Airport Terminal 1


Airlines that operate from JFK Airport Terminal 1 (gates 1-11)


Airlines Phone Number(s) IATA code
Aero Mexico (800) 237-6639 AM
Aeroflot (888) 340-6400 SU
Air China (800) 982-8802 CA
Air France (800) 237-2747 AF
Alitalia (800) 223-5730 AZ
Austrian Airlines (800) 843-0002 OS
Azerbaijan (718) 645-8578 J2
Brussels Airlines (516) 622-2248 SN
Cayman Airways (800) 422-9626 KX
China Eastern (866) 588-0825 MU
EVA Airways (800) 695-1188 BR
Fly Jamaica Airways (855) 435-9526 OJ
Interjet (866) 285-9525 4O
Japan Airlines (800) 525-3663 JL
Korean Air (800) 438-5000 KE
LOT (212) 852-0240 LO
Lufthansa (800) 645-3880 LH
Meridiana (866) 387-6359 IG
Norwegian Air (800) 357-4159 DY
Philippine Airlines (800) 435-9725 PR
Royal Air Maroc (800) 344-6726 AT
Saudi Arabian Airlines (800) 472-8342 ; (718) 551-3020 SV
TAME (718) 285-9402 EQ
Turkish (800) 874-8875 TK



My parents will arrive at JFK airport from an international flight by China Eastern Airlines, and then will fly to Atlanta by Delta. The tickets were bought seperately. I understand that their luggage need to be claimed and re-checked in after customs check. It seems that China Eastern Airlines is in Terminal 1 and Delta is in Terminal 3. Where are they going to check-in their Delta flights and check-in/drop the luggage? Somewhere just near the customs counter in the same terminal (1)? Or, in Terminal 3?

They have to take their bags to Terminal 3 and check them in there.

Thanks! I appreciate your help.

I am departing from terminal 1 for ITALY. Will I be able to exchange dollars for EUROs in terminal 1?

How would the exchange rate compare with the one I might receive at the airport in Rome?

Terminal 1 has currency exchange place on the first floor, next to the hotel reservation desk.

is there a way to determine the rates before I get there?

Right now at T1 they exchange $1.51 for 1 Euro.
Call (718) 751-2933 to find out the rates before you get there.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I will be arriving from LAX T8 on a Saturday afternoon and have a flight taking off from Terminal 1, 2 hours after that. Knowing that I have to get my laggage back, go to T1, check-in , past customs and get to my gate.
Can you tell me approx, how long it usually takes to go from the exit gate at T8 to Lufthansa gates at T1?



Hi Clem,two hours window should be enough for you if the AA flight from LAX is not late.

Thank you very much for your prompt answer. Cross fingers. Best, Clem

Hi, good morning.
Next wednesday, Ap 7th my brother and me will fly to JFK airport, but in different flights. My flight will arrive to T1 at 15:45, and my brother's one will get T7 at 16:05. Is there any meeting point between both terminals? How could I get there? It would be highly appreciated if you coud send a sketch. Thanks in advance.

Since you arrive earlier and T7 is smaller it is better to meet at T7, 1st floor, arrivals. The plase is not big and it is easy to find each other.
Take Airtrain on the third floor from Terminal 1 to Terminal 7. ANY train will take you there.
See the Airtrain map here:


Hi, I am very worried. My wife and my daughter will take the flight AT 201 of ROYAL AIR MAROC. The phone of my wife is switched off and I have not any news from them. Could you please help me to know if they already have finished the check-in.

Where can I find a detailed scheme of the first terminal? I wonder how to go to the immigration authorities upon arrival. Where are they located? I won the green card and I fly with a change at JFK. I have only 2 hours between flights and I have to go through all the formalities and be on time at 3 terminal.

You don't need detailed scheme of Terminal 1(not to say that is a classified information). All you have to do is follow the passengers from your flight after you disembark the plane. EVERYBODY must go to the same place - immigration and customs.


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