JFK Airport Shuttles

New York Airport Service (NYAS)

Transport available between 6.15am and 11.10pm

JFK - Manhattan

JFK Airport
Grand Central
Port Authority
Penn Station

JFK Airport Super Shuttle

Service available 24 hours a day

Provides door to door service for your party.

Fares -> $15 - $19, depending on destination

Website: www.supershuttle.com



Is there a shuttle from jfk to fairfield inn by marrott east rutherford.
What is the fare for one adult and two children?
Where would I find the shuttle at the airport?

dr somorin

I would like to know if there is a shuttle go to Northampton, MA?? If there is, how often?

I want form JFK to a Station of the Greyhound Line? Is there a shuttle wich stops near a Greyhound Station?

Loes Vos
Bergen op Zoom
The Netherlanss

is there any shuttle service from JFK airport to EWR Newark?. I want to know how much it cost? Hours of service and luggage restrictions. Thanks in advance

Are there any shuttles that go from JFK to EWR (= Newark, NJ Airport) and vice versa?

If so, how often, what are the hours of operation, and how much does it cost?

Are there any shuttle companies that will pick me up at a house in Dobbs Ferry, Westchester and take me to JFK?

What is my cheapest option?

Is there a shuttle from jfk to hartfort ct?
What is the fare for one adult and two children?
Where would I find the shuttle at the airport?

superShuttle does not connect to NJ. Is there other shuttles that connect door to door groups (we will be more than ten with luggages!)? I am sure a minibus will be cheaper than taxis, isn't it?

Is there a shuttle from JFK to Philadelphia? If yes, how often?

Daves best limo

Need to know how to get from Mount Laurel, NJ 08054
to JFK Airport, Friday, April 24, 2009

Is there a Shuttles to EWR from JFK or is there a direct bus that stops on manalapen area in NJ?
How much is the fare? If I travel with my dog can he go on the bus? Where can I get that inforamtion... or take the bus?

Thank you

How much is the taxi fare from JFK to Philadelphia? Even approximate estimate would be helpful.

how much would it be from JFK to Mid-town Manhattan?
taxi or shuttle
the cheapest way to get there.

Does the airport shuttle go fom the Airport to Times Square. How much can I expect to pay?
Where from the International Terminal does it leave?


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