JFK Airport Shuttles

New York Airport Service (NYAS)

Transport available between 6.15am and 11.10pm

JFK - Manhattan

JFK Airport
Grand Central
Port Authority
Penn Station

JFK Airport Super Shuttle

Service available 24 hours a day

Provides door to door service for your party.

Fares -> $15 - $19, depending on destination

Website: www.supershuttle.com



You can take the airport Airtrain to the subway station and connect to the subway/el into Manhattan. Last time I took it the fare was around $7.50. The you would have to walk/bus/cab to your specific destination.

Landing at JFK on april 06, at 4PM , Want to go schenectady /albany please advise.

Is there an easy way to tell if you are getting on the right train? Are they color coated? How do I know I am on the JFK circle train? Thanks

I will go from terminal 7 to a hotel called Days inn in Jamaica, which is only two miles. I would like to know which way, shuttle or taxi, is cheaper.

hi can you tell me the cost from jfk to sheraton tower and the time of traveling


Can we get from terminal 3 to 4 at JFK without leaving security?

Cost for taxi, shuttle or subway from JFK to hotel in Manhattan at 143 E. 30th St

how long does it take to go from Air China terminal 1 to Jet Blue terminal 6 going to Syracuse, NY on 03/29/08?

Hi I'm looking for a reasonable priced shuttel to Newark Airport from JFK at 9pm any suggestions.

What is the cost of taxi from JFK to Long Island?

Hello, is there any limo transferes from JFK to Boston, MA? What are the rates? If - no, what is the easiest way to get there?

Thanks in advance

What is the easiest and quickest way to get to the airport from 57th st?
shuttle, train, taxi? How much would cost a taxi?

The JFK web site shows a box for New York Airport Service (NYAS) and Penn Station, but no link or additional information. How far is it from Penn to JFK? How much? What schedules? Do I pucrchase in advance? Where? I'm traveling to Europe this summer, but the only direct flight is out of JFK. I'm taking the train from Washington DC to NYC (Penn), but need to know how to get from Penn to JFK. Help Please.

Take the Long Island Rail Road to Jamacia Station (JFK). Transfer to the AirTrain, which circles the terminals at JFK. Google on-line for 'AIRTRAIN JFK' to get more info.

I am looking for Transportation from JFK to White Plains
Is there a good bus/subway/taxi/shuttle route that is recommended?


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