Terminal 6


All JetBlue operations have moved to Terminal 5.



Yes you do have enough time to make your connection. If you are taking JetBlue you may want to go to terminal 5 for your flight. In either case take an air train on track 2 from terminal 1 it should be 2 minute trip.
Von Hagen

My luggage is broken and I am afraid it is beyond repair. I am flying out on Jetblue tonight..is there anything in Terminal 6 that can help me - i.e. plastic shrink wrap station or a store I could buy new luggage?

Every terminal has plastic wrap station for passengers.

.....there is a plastic shrink wrap in each terminal....have fun.....

JFK Specialist
Me and my girlfriend will take an international flight to Shannon Ireland via Aer Lingus. Is there any place on the airport that we can hook up and have a cozy time?

That is a little silly question. You can try a lounge or a bathroom :)

You will be flying out of Terminal 5, not 6. There is plastic wrap service at T4.

How long does it take to clear customs after returning from the Bahamas>

You go through U.S. Customs in the Bahamas airport (at least in Nassau, where I fly to/from), so once you land in the States, it is just like getting off a domestic flight. You do have to get to the Nassau airport very early before your flight, though! Lines can be very long for check-in, dropping off checked bags, security, customs, and a second security check before you finally get into the large room you wait in 'til your flight boards. (There is a restaurant and shopping kiosks as well as seats and bathrooms, of course.) Give yourself two hours at the airport - you might have to wait around for a while, but it is better than stressing in long lines like other folks do! (Each of the things you go through have separate lines. It is a lot of waiting/standing.)

How far in terms of walking time from terminal 4 to Terminal 6 at JFK airport? Are these terminal connected or AirTrain is the only option?

If you will be walking it might take you up to 10 minutes. You can use air train on track 2 to get to terminal 6 in 5 minutes.

What terminal does Etihad Airways arrive at JFK from Abu Dhabi?

Ethihad Airways departs and arrives at terminal 4.

Terminal 4

Hi, I'm arriving at T6 on JetBlue, then collecting my luggage before transferring to EgyptAir at T4. Does anyone know how long it takes to get luggage at T6 and then get to T4?


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