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Terminal 6


All JetBlue operations have moved to Terminal 5.


are there any smoking lounges at JFK?

My name is Joel. In 10/Jul/2008, I will arrive at the terminal 6 of JetBlue, from Orlando, and board for Brazil in Terminal 1, of JAL. How will a terminal to another? Thank you.

Hello, My sister and I are coming in to New York for the Day on June 7th. We will arriving on Jet Blue. So I believe we will be in T6. What is the best way to get to Belmont Park for the Preakness that day. I don't want to rent car. The whole point is to not have to drive!! We will also be flying out later that night as well on Jet Blue. Thank you for any helpful information!!

I would like to know- a flight dep from jfk to Santo Domingo, what terminal is departing 4 or 6? Thx

I will be arriving in JFK Terminal 8(from India) at 12 pm and need to catch a flight to New Orleans at 2.50 pm. Does anyone have an idea how long it typically takes to clear immigration/passport control? I was told to keep at least 3 hours between flights and am wondering if my onward flight is too tight? Thanks for any advice.

Arrange for car service to meet you. That is the fastest way

Can anyone provide an estimate of the time needed to get from a Jet Blue flight that arrives at JFK at 7:15 A.M. on a Thursday in late May to the Budget Rent-A-Car location?

I need to get to Flushing ASAP.

Would a taxi be any faster?

Thank you.

I will be arriving at terminal 6 and then fly out of terminal 4. What is the best way to make this change handling my own bags. I am small so please give as many options as possible. Thank you.

I am flying from JFK to Puerta Plata, DR and want to know if there is a duty free shop at this terminal. If so, what are the hours of operation? If not, can items be purchased at another terminal and sent with my flight?

I am arriving at Terminal 7 from HK via Cathay and my daughter is arriving also at Terminal 7 from UK via Cathay 1 hour later. I want to tell her where to meet me but can't find a map. Any suggestions on where to have her wait for me? Can she just wait at the gate and can I meet her there? I will have to go through customs/immigration and so will she. Any help would be most appreciated.

My flight is arriving today at jfk terminal 6 at 8pm and have to catch a flight at terminal 4at 10.30 pm. want to check how far is it from terminal 6 to terminal 4. please also let me know if there are any internal shuttles or anything to go.

There is an interterminal train that will move you rapidly from one terminal to the other in short order. 2.5 hours is plenty, I would estimate you will need no more than 20-30 minutes at the longest to make this transition.

can you walk from terminal 3 to terminal 1?

no u cant walk..rather u can take the air train which runs between terminals 1-9..u can take reach any of the will be faster n easier...

I would be reaching JFK from India on 16th Feb 7am from Air India flight and then from JFK to CLT on 16th itself. Was wondering how should I reach from the international terminal on which Air India arrives to the domestic terminal from the flight to CLT would depart?
Also, would I have to go the immigration and customs check done at JFK or at CLT.
Looking to hear from you urgently. Thanks in advance for your help.


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