Terminal 6


All JetBlue operations have moved to Terminal 5.



Because of construction, where do I park for Jet Blue Arrivals? I am picking someone up from a JetBlue flight and I know there is a lot of construction going on and if I remember correctly, I don't think I can even park nearby. What do I do?

Looks like Virgin America uses Terminal 4.

Can you please tell me what terminal Virgin America arrives?


I just want to check how far is Terminal 7 from terminal 6.
I am taking a flight from London to JFK and land in terminal 7 at
6:45p.m(British Airways). Will you think I will be able to connect for another flight at 8:45pm (jetblue) from JFK to Rochester at terminal 6. Hope to hear from you. Thank you.

both terminals are one next to the other. With an hour you will be able to make it. Get your bags and take air train as soon as possible to T6.

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I would like to know at what time we need to check in for Etihad Airlines leaving JFK on December 26th, 2007, and which terminal do we need to go to?

what terminal does jetblue fly out of for mexico? is it terminal 6?

Hii !!
I would like to know on what terminal does etihad airlines arrive in jfk ??

Secondly i want to take a domestic flight from jfk to myrtle beach (south carolina) on US AIRWAYS so from which terminal does US Airways departs and how to reach that terminal?? would it be free of cost??

Thirdly i also want to know from JFK how do i go to LA GUARDIA airport ??? is there any free shuttle service or bus service?? and from what terminal at LA Guardia Airport does US airways depart to myrtle beach (South Carolina) or charlotte (North Carolina)

Fourth How do i know the baggage allowance for US AIRWAYS ??? for domestic flights???

when does it depart

Can anyone advise what Gate#JetBlue uses in Terminal 4
for thier flights to San Jaun,P.R.How close or far from the Airtrain dropoff location?Thank you.

I have an idea of flying my son,15, he will have a layover of almost six hours. Is there an USO or game room/lounge to keep himself safe and out of trouble? He will be flying jet blue in Terminal 6.

this is what T6 offers now until T5 in complete

I am flying with swiss air to Geneva (Switzerland) and I would like to know how much in advance I am supposed to be at the airport; is it 2 or 3 hours, I do not remember.
Thank you!

The Burlington flight leaves at 9:25 a.m. So, the question is will I have any trouble making the connection flight to Burlington VT. leaving at 9:25 a.m. from a flight arriving JFK at 8:20 a.m.? (both on Jet Blue)
Thank you!


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