JFK International Airport

Due to, WEATHER / WIND there is a Ground Delay program.
This is causing some arriving flights to be delayed an average of 1 hour .
  Delays by Destination:
  - Due to WEATHER / WIND, departure traffic destined to EWR is currently experiencing delays averaging 2 hours and 6 minutes.
  - Due to WIND, departure traffic destined to LGA is currently experiencing delays averaging 1 hour and 35 minutes.
  - Due to WEATHER / LOW CEILINGS, departure traffic destined to PHL is currently experiencing delays averaging 34 minutes.
  General Departure Delays:
Because a traffic management program is delaying some arriving flights, departing flight schedules may be affected. Check with your airline to determine if your flight is affected.
  General Arrival Delays:
Arrival traffic is experiencing airborne delays of 15 minutes or less
Update time: Mon Mar 27 16:28:45 2017 GMT - provided by the FAA\'s Air Traffic Control System Command Center

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I am flying from India via Dubai using Emirates Airways and will be reaching NEW YORK JFK, NY at Terminal at 2:30 PM.

My next flight to Chicago is at 5 :00PM through American Airlines at 5 PM from Terminal 8.

Is that the immigration / Port of Entry to happen here and if so how much time required for immigration / customs /Security.

How do I go to terminal 8 and will the time be enough to reach terminal 8 from 4?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Definately you have more than enough time. From T4 take any train on track 2 to T8. Customs and Immigration all together may take u up to one hour depending on passenger traffic.

Hi, I have same question as above.
I only have 1 hour 50 min. from T4 to T8.
Is it possible to finish everything to do?


I will be flying on Jetblue into JFk at 8.30 am on July 9th 2012. My next flight is on Emirates at 11.20 am. Do I have enough time to collect my luggage, check in and go through security? Thank you.


Yes plenty of time to do all that.

roger davison. parent arriving from moscow terminal3
no english what is the procedure for getting bags
immigtation. custom. check bag for
connecting flight. then security. can i meet her
after security

First you clear immigration then pick up your bags and pass them through Customs and then clear security again for her second flight.

i was in John kennedy airport on 5/16 and i finished all my papers and checked my laggages in and departed at 8:10 PM on saudi airlines. but when i came to saudi arabia, I didnt find my labtop it was inside my laggage before i made check in. so, where can i find it or who i can contact with ?

thank you

We arrive from Madrid (Iberia) at 4:05pm (terminal 7) and we have another flight (delta,terminal 3) at 6:40pm to Las Vegas. Is there time enough? what we have to do to change terminal and how long it takes?

Thank you very much

Hello, I booked a flight delta PSA-JFK-LAS.
a) 1.45 time connection is enough?
b) there are fast lanes for transit(economy class)?
c) flight arrives at 5.15pm there are many incoming flights in this our(for immigration lane)?
d) At return JFK-LAS-PSA 1.10 time connection is ok?I have to pick up luggage?

I have clients that will arrive on Delta from Athens Greece and need to connect to Jet Blue. I know there is no baggage agreement between them, is 3.5 hours enough
time. Which terminals will they need to go from/to and how will they make the transfer.

Many thanks,

am with my family arriving at JFK on T4 from Kuwait by Kuwait airways at 3.15 PM. and my conection flight at 8pm on T5 by Jetblue to MCO, How do I reach T5 ? How much time will it take?can i reach there by walk

Moreover can i check-in my luggage at Kuwait directly upto Orlando.

I have booked to orlando through Jetblue web site

For my itinrery am holding 2 separated ticket


By an air train on track 2 and it takes about 2 minutes. You will need to pick up your luggage and clear it through Customs.

Kindly advise the possibility for me transit at JFK airport flight details as follows:-

B6822 SDQ to JFK arr.(T4) at 1424 and connect
CA982 JFK to PEK dep,(T1) at 1660

Spepreate tickets due no ticket agreement between 2 airliens and only have 2hours and 25mins connecting time
but without cheched-in luggage

1)Do i need to clear custom
2)How to get from T4 to T1


1. Yes if your first flight is from outside the U.S.
2. Air train on track 2 from 4 to 1.


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