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Use British Airways please

pls i want to board a plane form JFK to london what's the airfare is the website where you can buy tickets and see airfare prices.

flying in to JFK walk me through getting on the subway to the Brooklyn Museum from the airport

Use air train

I want to take a plane from JFK to LON in late June 2011. What are the best flights? Also, I am 17. What is JFK's policy? May I travel by myself? Can I travel by myself if parental consent is given to the airline?

Is there a direct flight from JFK to Ottawa?

Please advise.

Thank you.

Yes there is

Is there a bus or train going to Newark, NJ? How much are the fares on both (if it is both)?

There's a shuttle bus that goes from JFK to Newark Airport but nothing direct to Newark. Take NJ Transit train ($5) from Penn Station to Newark. There's a NYAS express bus from terminals to Penn Station ($15) or you can take Airtrain from terminal to Jamaica Station and either E subway ($7.25) or LIRR ($13) to Penn Station.

I will be arriving to jfk at 4:30 Pm so is there a bus that can trasfere me to from jfk to Boston,MA and how can i manage that and what's the time secdule for buses and how much does it cost?

Thanks for your help

There is no direct bus from JFK to Boston. You can go to Manhattan and get Greyhound bus from Port Authority bus terminal. Or visit the "Bus" page of this web site and check out the other bus alternative transportation (which can be cheaper than Greyhound).


I'm traveling with my 11 year old to Boston. We need to leave after rush hour in NY (or we can take the air train if it's jfk) and we have to arrive in Boston no later than 4:20 pm. We found Jet Blue total for 2 was 223.40. It shows as 72 b4 taxes. Is this the cheapest possible, we're penny pinching. Any alternatives?

can we get the lowest ticket price from JFK to LAX on 15/06/2010 at 5:00pm(one person),,,and coming back on 15/11/2010 at 6.00am

My wife is traveling alone with a kid , she needs to change flights in JFK , there she also has to recheck in her baggages with the Kuwait Airways(because of some issues here with the Delta attendant in RDU, they checked only till JFK) .
Delta flight from RDU arrives at Terminal 3, she has to claim her baggage and again check in the Kuwait Airways...
Can some body please let me know as to what exactly she needs to do ?


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