Terminal 2


Airlines that operate from JFK Airport Terminal 2 (gates 19-30)

Airlines Phone Number(s) IATA code
Delta (Domestic) (800) 221-1212 DL



Well you dont know then I will tell you. He is a Specialist in providing many good answers to folks` questions and he is Specialist in providing friendly and polite service. Why cant Jake W stop bullying nice folks who are here to help others? This is not a place to do that brother.

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We arrive from Rome to JFK Terminal_1 (Alitalia flight), and we have 1h,30' to transfer to Terminal_3 DELTA flight to Atlanta; my questions are:
- do we have to withdraw bagages and check them in again at Terminal_3 (flight connection for Atlanta) ?
- do we have to custom at JFK even in case of flight connection to Atlanta ?
- how to get from Terminal_1 to Terminal_3 (Delta Airlines)? By walk (and how long) or by air train ?
Thank you in advance

1. Yes you do and you have to recheck them again.
2. Yes you will have to go through Customs and recheck your bags.
3. Use air train on the 3rd floor of terminal 1 to transfer over to terminal 3. It will take you 5 to 10 minutes at most. No need to walk when you have a free air train.

Our daughter is flying Delta and we are flying Jetblue to JFK. We both have 2-3 hr. layovers. How can we meet up during our wait there. Thank you.

Terminal 5 arrivals like I mentioned in the previous comment.

JetBlue arrives and departs from terminal 5. Delta arrives and departs out of 2,3 and 4 so meet up at terminal 5 arrivals. Use free air train to transfer between the terminals.

How much time it takes from terminal 2 to terminal 3.
Is there some connected way to walk or is it necessary to take some bus or taxi?

From my work experience I know that both terminals are connected together past security. Walkable and fast distance of about 5 to 10 minutes at most.

I arrived at JFK yesterday for flight 95 to Salt Lake City at 3:35. I was pulled aside and brought to the front desk to find out if my flight was still going out. They told me that flight 95 to SLC was cancelled and to go home and call Delta to reschedule. Today I tried calling and got no answer because of the weather conditions, and I found on their website that my flight actually did go out at 4:30 yesterday... I am really worried that I could have gotten on my flight had this woman not told me it was cancelled and to go home. Any help, please??

If you are so worried just give them a call. It wont hurt and you have nothing to lose.

Try to call Delta and explain your situation to them. Their number is on this website.

Is anyone flying out to washingt6on DC?? I was supposed to be flying out at 5:15 but theflight was cancelled and I am trying to change the flight and the delta page is not working at all everytime I try and the 1800 # for delta says no one is available to pick up bc of the weather! ... anyone was suppoze tyo be on that flight and was able to change>?

I am flying from JFK to Toronto on December 16 on Delta. Which terminal would I go to?


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