Terminal 2


Airlines that operate from JFK Airport Terminal 2 (gates 19-30)

Airlines Phone Number(s) IATA code
Delta (Domestic) (800) 221-1212 DL



Is there handicapped parking at the Gate 1 short term lot? If so how much is teh dailey rate?

If you mean Terminal 1 - use the Green parking lot . The vehicles with handicap plates are using special discount - $18/day(instead $33/day).

Yes there is and I believe it is 50 dollars per day

I have a friend coming at JFK from Italy with Alitalia Airlines,and than she has to catch a flight with Delta airlines from JFK to Saint Louis. Does anyone know in which terminal she has to go to catch that Delta flight to Saint Louis??

Go to terminal 4

Me and my girlfriend are flying to two different cities in the U.S but flying from the same airport JFK New York. She is flying Delta to San Diego at 5PM and I am flying to Minneappolis via U.S Airways at 5PM. Is there any place that we could cuddle and spent some time by ourselves? Somewhere romantic in the airport like a lounge? Please Help

Go to the bathroom

This coming Monday I will be arriving from Oregon to JFK New York through Delta Airlines. Is there a place on a JFK Airport that I can buy some alcohol and some suveniers?

Most terminals have bars/restaurants and shops.

I arrive oat JFK Terminal 8 on an American Airlines flight at 20:45 on Thurs Oct 28. I am booked on a 23:05 flight to London Heathrow. Does this leave enough time to collect baggage, get to Terminal 2, check-in and clear customs?

You will be cutting it VERY close. If you arrive at JFK domestic there is no need to clear customs, if you do need to clear customs you will not make the connecting flight. Take Airtrain on track 2 from T8 to T2, takes about 10 minutes. Hope you arrive on time, if you're late you may be out of luck!

I have a friend arriving on a Delta flight at gate 14 and leaving on a delta flight from gate 25. will she have to clear security between flights?

No Delta T2 and T3 are connected post-security.

i will arrive on Delta 166 in JFK from Seattle, and my wife will arrive on Delta 172 from Narita half an hour later. She need to go through customs/immigration. what is the best place you suggest us to meet? thank you

Since you will be there before her , you can go to Terminal 3, Area C and wait for her there - that is where all the international passengers are coming out at T3.


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