Terminal 6


All JetBlue operations have moved to Terminal 5.



i have a flight no. aa4197 arrival time at 15:50 T4
the next flight No. Ms986 Departure time at 18:30 from T6
so i have only 2 hour and 40 minutes is it enough time to change the terminal and make a c/n on time or it will be a risk plz give me ur advise ... thanks a lot

No worries you have plenty of time.

thank you , and plz what the shuttle train shall i use to transfer from t6 to t4 and what time usually take from arrival hall to the next terminal

Take it on track 2, the air train runs every 5 minutes. It usually takes about 10 minutes.

You have enough time for your connection.

Can somebody tell step by step as how to travel from terminal 7 to terminal 4? I am coming into US Airways in terminal 7, and need to connect to Air India flight out of terminal 4. Do I take train: which station, which level? and where do I get the boarding for Air India pass?

Follow the signs for outside and go to the 3rd floor and take any train on track 1 to terminal 4.

I am reaching JFK at 7.15AM from LAX by an United red-eye flight and would like to know if there are any shower facilities I can use before heading out to my meeting?


Hi!How can I get quickly from T1 to T6?I arrive from Kiev, Ukraine at 12.45pm and have a flight to FLL at 3.45 pm.Will I manage?

Yes you do have enough time to make your connection. If you are taking JetBlue you may want to go to terminal 5 for your flight. In either case take an air train on track 2 from terminal 1 it should be 2 minute trip.
Von Hagen

My luggage is broken and I am afraid it is beyond repair. I am flying out on Jetblue tonight..is there anything in Terminal 6 that can help me - i.e. plastic shrink wrap station or a store I could buy new luggage?

Every terminal has plastic wrap station for passengers.

.....there is a plastic shrink wrap in each terminal....have fun.....

JFK Specialist
Me and my girlfriend will take an international flight to Shannon Ireland via Aer Lingus. Is there any place on the airport that we can hook up and have a cozy time?


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