JFK International Airport AirTrain

AirTrain JFK is the train service that operates between JFK
International Airport, Long Island Rail Road trains and New York City Subway.
It also serves as an on-airport service connecting the airline terminals, rental
car facilities, hotel shuttles, and airport parking lots.

Air Train JFK has
3 routes:

  • Howard Beach route

The Howard Beach route ends at the Howard Beach-JFK subway station. It stops
at Lefferts Boulevard (connecting transit services - B15 bus) for shuttle buses
to long term parking lots A and B and to airport employee parking.

Connecting transit services: A subway train, Q11 bus

  • Jamaica Station route

The Jamaica route ends at Jamaica Station on the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR)
next to the Sutphin Boulevard/Archer Avenue-JFK subway station (to Brooklyn
and Manhattan or Queens).

Connecting transit services: E, J and Z subway
trains, Q6, Q8, Q9, Q20A, Q20B, Q25/Q34, Q30, Q31, Q40, Q43, Q44, Q60  and
Q65 buses

Both routes make a counterclockwise loop through the airport and stop at each

  • Airline Terminal route

The Airline Terminal route connects 6 terminal stations (Terminal 1, 2-3,
4, 5-6, 7 and 8-9). Route operates in the opposite direction, making a clockwise
All JFK AirTrain stations are wheelchair accessible. Howard Beach subway and
Jamaica Long Island Railroad stations are wheelchair accessible too.

AirTrain Fare Information

  • Fare of 5$ at Howard Beach or Jamaica Station
  • Rides between all other JFK AirTrain stations are free



hi, just wondering how long it will take to get from newark airport to jfk around midday on a monday or tuesday and the best way to travel?
Also will it be safe to travel on the airtrain at 9.00pm on a wednesday by myself(a 23yr old female?)
thanks =)

If you take the NJT train from the airport the most stops you could possiably have is 2. To get to Penn station NYC it will take you no longer than 45 minutes (train ride should only take about 25!)

If you don't mind a longer way take take either the train or bus to Newark Penn Station and take the path train- Anywhere from 1 hr to 1.5 hrs.

Air Train at anytime of the day is perfectly safe! When I was 23 I took it from Queens to JFK @ 4am!

EWR-JFK Best bet is to go to the Ground Transportation desk in the Arrivals Hall. There is an hourly shuttle bus, first come first served. Trip takes aprox 1 hour.
Re 9pm JFK Airtrain. Safe but beware of hard luck stories from seemingly fellow travellers who have lost their wallet etc.

how to take the airtrain to terminal 1 in JFK from Howard Beach Station? and how to pay the fee of airtrain?

I fly into JFK on Saturday 11/10 around 2pm and need to get to Queens/Astoria from there. What is the best way via Air Train?

Hi, I'm landing in JFK airport and I need to get to a place near Prospect Park, in Brooklyn. I need to know what train(s) I have to take from JFK to Fort Hamilton Parkway subway station.

Can you please help a brother out?? :)

Please tell me about both (Bus & Train routes) from JFK International Airport to 350 Parsippany Rd,New Jersey - 07054.Please let me know the time taken to commute & the relevant fare


I have to reach 2001 Route 46, Suite 103, Parsippany, NJ 07054. Please advise me the best train route or bus route from the JFK Airport, NY.

My wife and I are arriving JFK on Thursday at 4:45 Pm and head to 1078 E 15th St in Brooklyn. We leave on a 6 AM flight on Sunday the 21st. What is our best way from and to the airport? We thought the Air Train to subway but we are concerned about the 6 AM leave and the trains running on a regular schedule at 4 AM ? Any advice/help will be VERY much appreciated!!

You should be just fine! Just watch for any service notices at your station ahead of time (they post them on paper everywhere). Trains run 24/7 365. The slow time is between 1am and 5am on a weekday but you will be fine just remember to leave a bit earlier!

Looking in to taking the JFK AirTrain to Jamica Station this Friday eve. I arrive 9:00 PM, need to make my way out to Bay Shore NY. I understand I can catch the LIR at Jamica. About how long does this take, and what is the hour of the last train leaving Jamica for Long Island.

What's the quickest way to Times Square from JFK around noon on a Friday?

I am reaching with my kid and husband at Newarc airport on 9th oct. Can anybody advise me what is the best convenient way to Reach Atlantic city , New Jersey . i am a first comer.

hi there,
if you dont have a car your best bet would be to take the bus
are you going to have a car?

I am landing in JFK airport and I need to get to 41st & 9th street. Can you please help me out . . . Thank you


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