JFK Airport Car Rental

Each terminal's have rental car counter or courtesy telephones.

Car rental companies that operate at JFK Airport:

Car rental Phone Number(s)
Advantage 800-777-5500
Alamo 888-233-8749
Avis 718-244-5406

Budget 718-656-1890

Dollar 800-800-4000
Enterprise 718-553-7013

Hertz 718-656-7600

National 718-632-8300

Payless 800-729-5377
Thrifty 800-331-3550



My wife and I returned a car to Avis Thursday afternoon before flying back to Europe. Unfortunately, we lost our GPS device and we think that it might have been left on a seat within the hall, in front of the tellers desk.If you happened to find it, would you mind contacting us at the above mentioned e-mail address? Thank you for your attention.

Could somebody reply to my preceding post? Thank you for your attention.

Hi,I will be renting a car from Hertz JFK location. As I will not be arriving the airport by air I plan to take Airtran from Jamaica Station to Federal Circle. I wonder how far is Hertz rental location from the Airtran terminal? Is it outside or inside the terminal?

Thanks and appreciate your helps!

Best regards.

Outside the terminal. Take any air train on track 1 to get there. It takes little more than 5 minutes.

Sorry, you mean I should take Airtran from Federal Circle on track 1 to get there after arriving from Jamaica Station? Thanks for clarification.


MSKT is right. Once you arrive at Federal Circle or if you are at Jamaica Station take any train on track 1 to all terminals.

thanks much!

Which car rental has the best rate for people under 25? My husband and I are 24 years old, but we are not trying to pay extra money due to our being shy of 25 by 3 months.

Avis would be your best choice.

Hi, I want to rent a car to travel to Montreal. What is the nearest airport in New York City to Montreal so I can rent the car from? JFK or La Guardia?


Can you please confirm that there is FREE and CONTINUOUS shuttle service from all JFK terminals to the rental car parking lots?


AirTrain runs 24/7 and is free between terminals and Federal Circle where the rental cars are located. Take any train on track 1.

Is it more expensive to rent a car at JFK and return to La Guardia?

The reply below from B2G. (with a period) is just a little off. Figure around $100 per day for drop off at LGA, around $75 per day return to JFK with the major rental car companies.


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