Luggage Storage

Location Within Terminal:

Terminals 1 Arrivals - First floor
(near Alitalia and Olympic Airlines)

Hours of Operation: 7AM-11PM

Approximate Cost (depending on size): $4 - $16 per day

Telephone: (718) 751-2947

Terminals 4 Arrivals - First floor

Hours of Operation: 24 Hours

Approximate Cost (depending on size): $4 - $16 per day

Telephone: (718) 751-4020

Terminals 8 - (American Airlines)

Hours of Operation: 6AM-10PM

Approximate Cost (depending on size): $8 - $18 per day

Telephone: (718) 995-9292

Early (earlier that 6:00am) pick-up of luggage is possible.

Price list (as of May 1st,2010) for baggage storage only at the facilities at Terminal 1 and Terminal 4.
The prices are per bag, per 24 hours:

Up to 20" - $4

21" - 24" - $6

25" - 26" - $8

27" - 32" - $11

Other(non standard bags, skis etc) - $16



Hi we have a 15hr stop over when next visiting JFK. We fly in using Jet Blue ( terminal 2 I think ) and then have onward flight Aer Lingus ( terminal 4 ).

Our main luggage will be tagged through to final destination but can we leave the airport and is there somewhere to leave our carry on luggage. We would like to have a quick look around NY.


Pls advise the functional hours of Air Train

Am arriving at JFK T8 at 2220 hrs on 26 Aug.
Would i get AirTrain to reach Federal Circle

I need to pick up Days Inn Shuttle service to reach Hotel
Ajay Kaul

Air train service is suspended until August 19. Until air train service is cured JFK will provide shuttle bus service for all passengers at JFK airport.

The person is arriving on Aug 26....Airtrain will be working on normal schedule at that time!

We had a flight from Minneapolis to NY JFK on 01 AUG 2011 via SUN COUNTRY at 4.45 p.m. However it was delayed to 9.15 p.m., which would cause me and my husband to miss our connected flight at NY JFK to Istanbul via Turkish Airlines TK002, on 11 p.m.
So to catch our flight in JFK, we bought new –and expensive!!- tickets from DELTA AIRLINES: the same day, 01 AUG DL2561 and gave our baggages to this DELTA flight.

Next, this Delta flight was also cancelled! We boarded, then they sent us out. They suggested us to take MINNEAPOLIS-PITTSBURGH DL2451 02 AUG and PITTSBURGH-JFK DL2694 02 AUG. They told us our bags will follow this route with those planes.

But we decided to take our previous SUN COUNTRY delayed-flight because it was the same evening and we had already tickets. So we went to claim our bags. However, all said was to wait even longer than 3 hours, due to many flights cancelled it would take too long to get our bags, which was impossible due to SUN COUNTRY boarding latest at 9.15 p.m.. They said that since the luggages were connected to the Turkish airlines TK002 at JFK, we should not consider any problem.

So we took Sun Country flight and arrived at JFK, NYC that night, thinking that the bags would come thru Pittsburgh-JFK way. We went to DELTA TERMINAL 2 at JFK Baggage services. They told that the luggages should now be at the bags room to be loaded to Turkish airlines plan efor flight TK002. So we took TK002, arrived at Istanbul, took the next connected flight TK2142 to Ankara ESB. And no bags arrived at the final destination! Noone knows where our luggages are, whether at Minneapolis, or JFK or Istanbul.

If you could search for our luggages attributed to name Mr. SERKAN DAG, 4 pieces (FLIGHT/DATES: DL2694 / 02AUG / TK12 / 02 AUG / TK2170 / 02 AUG) and the other flight codes I listed above. If there is a place where all lost bags are stored, or if this is unrelated to your profession, would you please be so kind to forward this e-mail to a related person in baggage services in JFK Delta Baggage Services?

If it may help, the lost property file name by Turkish Airlines: ESBTK24864/03AUG11/0936GMT
I am looking forward to hearing your answer. We are totally helpless at this point. Sincerely yours,

You will need to contact Delta Airlines regarding your lost luggage. JFK Airport cannot help you in this regard.


I an an international passenger that will also take internal flights within the States.

On Aug 24 I will take Delta 95 flight to Utah (don't know what terminal!).

On Aug 31 I arrive back at JFK with Delta 6130 and Delta 2466 from Kansas via Cincinnati to catch my onnection to the international flight to Israel, which departs from Terminal 3.

Is there a place within JFK where I can storage my luggage for 1 week, how much it will cost me and is it secured? I will probably have 2 suitcases.
I need to know how tight is security at the luggage storage, as my flight is back to Israel and all international security measures apply.

Thanks in advance for your help!


Please call your airlines.

Recently arrived at JFK to find my bag locked (samsonite integral lock TSA002) presumably by the TSA...".since I never lock it I never carry a key!!....anyone have any ideas How to open it?....tried local locksmiths and even TSA.....nobody seems to be able or interested to help.......Help anyone?

I arrive July 27 from India in Terminal 1. After two days, I have to take a local flight in Terminal 3. In which terminal can I leave my heavier box for 2 days? I do not see any luggage storage facility in Terminal 3 in your website. If I leave my luggage in Terminal 1 for 2 days, I have to arrive too early 2 days later to transfer from Terminal 1 to 3. Can you suggest some options?

I will be arriving at JFK the day before my departure on Air China. Where do I find the luggage storage in Terminal 1 (Air China)? I will be arriving at a different terminal.

I am traveling from Dubai via Newyork to Atlanta. I arrive at T7 at 11am my connecting flight for Atlanta is at 2:15pm, 1: do i have enough time to store my bags at T4? before getting to T2/3?
2:Is it easy to store stuff there?

You do have enough time for a connection and yes it is a very simple process.

I'm arriving to New York on the 7Th July and the same day we are departing to travel around the States for a week and return to New York on the 15th of July to stay there several weeks. I would like to leave my big, heavy bag in the luggage storage for 8 days, is it possible?


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