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1.Yes you have more than enough to make your connection.
2. Yes you will clear both Immigration and Customs regardless whether transiting or not.
3. Yes you will have to recheck the bags with your second career for your second flight.

We arrive at JFK at 21.45 from Orlando and have to get to Terminal 8 for our on-going flight to London, Heathrow departing at 23.05. My questions are...what terminal do we fly in to and will we have enough time to get to our departure gate?
Thank you

If your flight from Orlando is on Delta then most likely terminal 2 or 3. You should have enough time for your connection since on the domestic flight there are no customs and immigration involved. From terminal 2/3? take an air train on track 2 to terminal 8 2 minute trip. Watch gate number on your boarding pass once you arrive at JFK. You should recieve those in Orlando Florida.

I believe I am a victim of a SCAM. Has anyone by the name of Paul Dickens presented himself as a Diplomat from Accra Ghana with a consignment to be delivered to me and has the consignment been seized by Customs?
Dominick Yodice

If travelling from outside US (UK) & ending your journey outside US (eg caribbean) so only using JFK as a hub, do you have to go through US customs?

Yes you still have to clear Customs even if just transiting.

You are not special and not an exception so yes you have to go through customs and then security all over again.

Yes, all international arrivals to JFK must clear US customs and immigration, even though you may be transiting.

We will be arriving in New York the morning of Oct. 7 via the Queen Mary 2. We have a departing flight to Denver on Delta airlines flight 0167 at 6:59 pm. Where can we store our luggage in order to do a little sight seeing in New York prior to our departure, and what would the cost be.

I am arriving from heathrow to jfk with BA
I am then flying with Jetblue to Fort Myers
I understand that I need to get on the Airtrain
Is the Airtrain on the same level as the last unit you have to go through which I believe is the customs department?. If not where do I need to go please to get on this airtrain
Thank you

Simply follow the signs for Airtrain, it's not hard to find, or ask one of the nice airport folks. The Airtrain on track 2 is the terminals-only loop.

My parents are coming by AI101 on Aug 31st 6am to JFK and have connecting flight AA269 at 6:30 pm. So they have to stay almost 12 hrs in the airport. I have few questions -
1. Which terminal AI-101 arrive ?
2. Which terminal/gate AA269 depart ?
3. Is there any free wifi available ? What is the best option for internet?
4. Any suggestion which terminal to wait/ what to do?

Thanks in advance!

Are there any resturants at the airport. I have a feeling that I am going to be there for a while and would like to be able to eat and pass the time.

What are some cheap forms of ground transportation from JFK Airport to Bethpage on Long Island over a weekend?

Take Airtrain from terminal to Jamaica Station and LIRR to Bethpage. Total fare on a weekend is $10.25 and the trains generally run every hour.


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