Terminal 2


Airlines that operate from JFK Airport Terminal 2 (gates 19-30)

Airlines Phone Number(s) IATA code
Delta (Domestic) (800) 221-1212 DL



You will be cutting it VERY close. If you arrive at JFK domestic there is no need to clear customs, if you do need to clear customs you will not make the connecting flight. Take Airtrain on track 2 from T8 to T2, takes about 10 minutes. Hope you arrive on time, if you're late you may be out of luck!

I have a friend arriving on a Delta flight at gate 14 and leaving on a delta flight from gate 25. will she have to clear security between flights?

No Delta T2 and T3 are connected post-security.

i will arrive on Delta 166 in JFK from Seattle, and my wife will arrive on Delta 172 from Narita half an hour later. She need to go through customs/immigration. what is the best place you suggest us to meet? thank you

Since you will be there before her , you can go to Terminal 3, Area C and wait for her there - that is where all the international passengers are coming out at T3.

I will arrive on a Delta flight in terminal 2. I have a connecting flight on SAA in terminal 4. Is it fastest to walk to gate 11 in terminal 3 and take the express bus to get to terminal 4 OR should I just get the airtrain from terminal 2 to terminal 4 (and have to go through security again)? I have a 2 hour connection.

The internal Delta bus is only if you make connection from Delta flight to another Delta flight. In your case you have to take Airtrain and clear security again at Terminal 4.

I'm departing on a Delta flight tomorrow and my info says the flight to Atlanta leaves from terminal 3. But every time I go to JFK and fly Delta, I get off the AirTrain, follow the signs on the elevator, and end up being told by staff in the terminal to go outside and walk down the hill to enter another terminal. How do I get to the right terminal from the AirTrain without all this running around with my luggage? Thanks!

Please provide most exact instructions to catch the tram from JFK Long Term Parking to Delta Departures to Atlanta. Thanks.

When you're on Airtrain on the counter-clockwise (outside) loop get off at the front of the train which is closer to T3, take the escalator up to the the overpass, the elevator down to street level and cross the roadway to the terminal entrance.

I have to pick someone up at the Delta terminal at terminal 2. I expect to arrive early, park, and wait inside for him. When I dropped him off, I tried to pay attention to where I should park, but I got a little confused. Upon pulling up to terminal 2, it looked like there was a parking garage on the left, but I couldn't tell if there was also another parking area about 100ft further down where it says "Arrivals" (Looked like it might have been downstairs)
Do I park in the first or the second lot for short term, arrivals parking? Assuming, of course, that is a second lot I saw.

The short term parking(aka Green Parking lot) is one for terminals 1, 2 and 3. It is really confusing if a person has not been there.
The parking lot(garage) look like a stretched letter "V" seen from above.
To be closer to Terminal 2 you can park anywhere in the parking lot(or garage) which is closer to the tip of that letter "V". And then cross the streets in to terminal 2.
See the map for reference:


Could anybody advise me how best to transfer on a sunday afternoon to Seaport?

If you mean South Street Seaport, take Airtrain from your terminal to Howard Beach Station, then take the Manhattan-bound A subway to Broadway/Nassau. Walk east on Fulton St. to the Seaport entrance at Water St. Total cost is $7.25. Taxi from JFK is $45+tolls+tip.


I will be getting a flight to jfk, terminal 2, then on to las vegas. I have 2 hours between flights (terminal 2 and terminal 8). How long do you think it will take to go through customs and get to terminal 8 and check in? Is 2 hours enough?

Thank you for any help.


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