Terminal 5


Terminal 5(formerly TWA Terminal)

Terminal 5 is sculpted as a symbol of flight, designed by Eero Saarinen in 1962.

Airlines that operate from JFK Airport Terminal 5 (gates 19-30)

Airlines Phone Numbers IATA Code
Aer Lingus (800) 474-7424 EI
Hawaiian Airlines (800) 367-5320 HA


- All Departures

- International Arrivals (5:00 AM - 10:30 PM)

(800) 538-2583 B6



I flew from BTV to JFK on 9/19 flight 33 landing at 3:34pm. I left a black laptop bag with handles with a laptop and 3 books and a cellphone charger either on the plane or in the terminal at JFK. My name is not on the items but the laptop has a an octopus sticker on it and I can identify the books that are in the pocket.

If this is found, please reach out to [email protected]


9/9/2015. Terminal 5. Around 2:30 PM Security check line entrance (aer lingus side) Lost Ray Ban Sunglasses sliver / gunsmoke + soft case + one or two disposable towels (brand opti wisch / blue white) on first luggage size check rack. Please contact [email protected] or call +491733937903 when found.


women's jacket, button down, leather. 917-719-1570

I arrived at JFK on Jet Blue flight 906 at 4:14 on Monday afternoon. I was in row/seat 16F. I left it on the seat. L&F leaves me wondering if they are even looking. If anyone saw this sweater or turned it in, please respond to this post. Thank you.

How far from terminal 4 to terminal 5? As I need to put my luggage in the storage at Terminal 4 and catch the flight at terminal 5.

We are arriving in Terminal 2 and have to get to terminal 5 for a flight. What do we do when we get off the plane?

We are arriving Delta T2 at 7:20 am on a mind week flight in April and will need to transfer with carrying luggage to T5 fir a JetBlue flight T5 to Barbados that leaves 8:20 am - I will check in online prior to flight- how long will transfer take and is an additional security check required? Thanks!

Hello I Will be arriving with jet blue from Jacksonville at 20:21 on sunday in T5 and have à connecting AF flight in T1 to Paris at 21:50, is there enough Time for the transfer between the 2 flights (no bags checked in)? Thanks for the reply.

I cannot reach my passenger whom arrived to JFK Airport today. No cellphone working... His name is Mehmet SEFLEK. His flight is on 11/20/2013, From JFK Airport New York to Orlando, JetBlue Flight number 183.

Did he make it to check-in at Jet Blue for his flight to Orlando (MCO) ?

Thank you ..please urgently reply..
Gulin ISIK

Hello I arrive today at 4:30 to T4 and need to connect to JetBlue terminal 5 will I have enough time to pass immigration And connect to my terminal before 7 pm?? Please thank you

Hello I'm traveling from the UK with two small children. I arrive I'm T4 and connect T5 with jet blue. What is the time between terminals. I don't want to miss my flight.

Arriving to JEtBlue terminal and need wheelchair transport to Terminal 8. How is it done?

I will be arriving at JFK by domestic Jetblue flight at 8.30 am on Sept 1. I have a connecting flight with Emirates at 11.20 am the same day. Do I have enough time to make it to my connecting flight , considering I have to collect my Baggage from Jetblue at Terminal 5 and Re- check in for Emirates at Terminal 4?

Please help. Thanks!

I'm granted with Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and my question is if its possible to make a trip to Puerto Rico and come back with no problem? thank you

I am arriving from BTV at 0729, then departing on HA at 0900. Will I have enough time to make the connection if I have checked bags?


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