Terminal 7


Airlines that operate from JFK Airport Terminal 7 (gates 1-12)

Airlines Phone Numbers IATA Code
Aerolineas Argentinas (800) 333-0276 AR
Air Canada (888) 247-2262 AC
ANA (All Nippon) (800) 235-9262 NH
British Airways (800) 247-9297 BA
Cathay Pacific (800) 233-2742 CX
Iberia (800) 772-4642 IB
Icelandair (800) 223-5500 FI
OpenSkies (866) 581-3596 EC
Qantas (800) 227-4500 QF
Ukraine International Airlines (800) 876-0114 PS



Thanks for the quick reply!

So, do you think we can make it for the connection? How is the immigration line for non US citizen around noon?

We are flying on Thursday with CX830 scheduled to arrive at 1.10pm. We want to be able to catch on the only flight of the day to Chicago that departs at 3.05pm.


Around noon the terminal is not that busy so you should be fine. The problem with big group as yours is that you have to wait for every one of you to clear the formalities. Actually , non-citizens line tend to take more time, but I think you should be OK.

I am from Sydney Australia. Will arrive a few days ahead before my sister and she will be flying in from Hong Kong and arriving at Terminal 7.

I will have a hire car with me. What will be the best option for parking and picking her up?

I read somewhere that Orange parking lot will be best. Would you be able to confirm and what would be the cost if I need to park there for a few hours?

Yes, the Orange parking is the best to park for a short period of time for Terminal 7. It is $3 for every 30 min for up to $33 maximum in 24 hours period.

I will soon be flying into Terminal 7 and will need to pick up my baggage. A couple of hours later, I will need to meet a relative in Terminal 3, also with her luggage. Several hours later, we will fly out of Terminal 4 together. Will we be able to each pick up our luggage, meet, and spend the remainder of the day in areas of the airport where there are shops and restaurants, or will we have to go to areas outside of security where there is little to do? Since we will be meeting and traveling with a group, we will not yet have our tickets or boarding passes for the last flight. Thanks!

Yes, you will be able to do that - Terminal 4 has a huge food court/restaurants/shops area on the third floor and it is before security.

I am meeting my two sisters in NYC April 24. They fly in from the UK, I'm flying from Canada and will have a few hours wait. Is there a list of services available at Terminal 7 where I can wait for them, like restaurants, etc? Thanks.

All the restaurants are behind security. There are only 2 places that you can order something and sit - Subway and Starbucks. Both are located on the first floor of the terminal by international arrivals area.


which gate does British Airwas normally operate in T7? I only know that they do have the same gate everytime.

I am coming in with BA, into T7 - hope that helps!

je viens à New york le 11 avril 2010, par Iberia, vol IB 6251, a quel terminal j'arriverais? et comment et quand récupérer mes valises
le retour est prevu le 17 avril par Iberia , vol IB 8552, quel est le terminal et le numéro de téléphone pour confirmer le vol?
merci pour votre réponse

Terminal 7; phone 1(800) 772-4642 .


Nous arrivons, début Juin 2010, de LHR (Londres ) avec BA au T7 à 4pm25
et nous allons à Halifax par AA, départ de T8, à 7Pm, doit on
récupérer nos bagages et aller à T8 avec, ou y a t'il une autre
méthode. Le temps est-il suffisant pour tout faire. Doit on se
réenregistrer à T8, avec contrôle de Police, Douane, Sécurité et que
faire des éventuels objets achetés en "freeTax" à Londres ou en cours de

Merci, et à bientôt


Vous aurez du temps du T7 au T8. Vous devrez transferer vos baggages au contoir de connection avec BA apres avoir passe l'immigration au T7. Vous n'aurez pas besoin re-enregistrer avec l'immigration au T8.

I am taking some film gear to Hong Kong and need to get my carnet stamped.
I am flying United Flt 5 out of Terminal 7.
Where do I get the carnet stamped?


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