Terminal 7


Airlines that operate from JFK Airport Terminal 7 (gates 1-12)

Airlines Phone Numbers IATA Code
Aerolineas Argentinas (800) 333-0276 AR
Air Canada (888) 247-2262 AC
ANA (All Nippon) (800) 235-9262 NH
British Airways (800) 247-9297 BA
Cathay Pacific (800) 233-2742 CX
Iberia (800) 772-4642 IB
Icelandair (800) 223-5500 FI
OpenSkies (866) 581-3596 EC
Qantas (800) 227-4500 QF
Ukraine International Airlines (800) 876-0114 PS



how do i get from terminal 7 to terminal 5. i am arriving international and checking in for domestic at terminal 5 and need 90 minutes check in for the domestic flight. can anyone help as i can't find the answer anywhere !

follow the signs that say airtrain and get on it. ask someone which direction on the airtrain (there's only two) you need to take, if need be, but you can always figure it out as the train gets going. get off at terminal 5 and that's it!

I'm arriving from San Juan, Puerto Rico to terminal 8 at 4:00 PM to take a flight to Madrid in terminal 7 that departs at 6:00. Does somebody knows if that is enough time as for not missing the flight and which is the best way to commute from terminal 8 to terminal 7?

What will my boyfriend have to do if he misses his connecting flight from Heathrow? Flight was delayed in JFK and will arive in heathrow at 9:04, departure gates shut at 9:25

has FI615 landing? when? thanks

Could anyone tell me if I can spend the night in JFK (Terminal 7)?
I have a 0745 flight to Heathrow and don't want to stay in New York.
Thanks. James

There are a number of hotels surrounding JFK airport. You do not need to go into the city.

I don't think so...the airport closes at night

My husband is arriving from Phoenix on US airways at terminal 7 and connecting to a flight in terminal 1 Sunday the 7th of Dec. He has a 2 hour connection time but will have to check in at terminal 1 as well. How does he get there and will it give him enough time to make the connection.
Thank you


I was wondering if anyone knows if one can find an American Express counter in terminal 7 in order to change my traveller's cheques into money?
thanks for your answer!

i'll be picking up someone at terminal 7..how is the parking situation? is the parking close to where he will be arriving? this is the first time im driving to JFK. thanks!

We are a party of 3 travelling by train from Florida on the 2nd/3rd January 2009. We would like to freshen up with a shower before flying out of Terminal 7. Any thoughts on ease of using VIP lounges? Is it possible to get between terminals after check-in?

I will arrive on Terminal 7 from London, and we will go to Grand Central in Manhattan, is it easy? Because we are with a child.....please tell me how many changes and wich trains because we are italian and we don't know very well english. Thanks Sara

Forget the train or subways - this is recommended for EVERY traveller not just foreigners. Here are your options in order of the best option.

1. Take a taxi anywhere to Manhattan for a flat rate of $60 (it's $45+tolls+tip). If you ever have a doubt, tip at least 10%. They are supposed to drop you off exactly where you ask them to, just give the address. Don't let them drop you off anywhere else.

2. Bus. $12-15. It will either take you Grand Central station or Penn Station. From there you can take the subways to wherever you please.

3. Shuttle Van. The rate depends but it's around $20. They will drop you off at a hotel, Penn/Grand Central, and sometimes even at your hotel (it depends).

These options are available to you right outside your arrival terminal/baggage claim. Look for the signs and ask a uniformed person because there are designated areas to take taxi, bus, or van.

I don't suggest taking any other way, especially if you're a tourist.

Good luck to all of you and welcome to the Big Apple!

Its not easy, but its not impossible.

From Terminal 7 take the AirTrain ($5 US) to Jamaica Station. Take the LIRR (Long Island Rail Road) train (about $7) to Atlantic Center (Brooklyn). At Atlantic Center, transfer to the NY subway (MTA - $2 per trip) trains 4 or 5 heading towards Manhattan which will take you to 42nd St/Grand Central Station.

Good luck!


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