There are 8 operating airline terminals At JFK Airport, Terminals 1 to 8. Terminals are located around the central terminal area (CTA). The terminals and parking lots in the central terminal area are divided into five areas.

Telephone numbers:

Police/Emergency Services
(718) 244-4333

Lost and Found
(718) 244-4225
(718) 244-4226

Medical Services
(718) 656-5344
Building 198

Airport Information
(718) 244-4444



It is Terminal 5.

my mum and I are arriving at JFK at the same time but she is landing at Terminal 1 and I am landing at Terminal 7 - where is the best place to meet and then get transport to Manhattan?

Terminal 7 arrivals hall.

Hi! My finnair fligt from europe will arrive to jfk at 15.55, and my AA flight to miami will depart 17.35. That leaves 1h 40 minutes time to customs, baggage claim and check-in. Can I make it on time?

Thanks, Emma.


I’m arriving to JFK at 5pm and I presume its terminal 1 since I’m flying with Aeroflot from Moscow. Then I have flight at 8pm to Buffalo with Delta. Will it be enough time? And how do I get to the Delta terminal? I think it’s terminal 2, right? Thank u!

Three hours should be plenty of time to clear customs/immigration and transfer terminals. Take AirTrain between terminals; from T1 take track 1 one stop to T2/3 for Delta.

Our fight arrives at JFK at 5:15pm.We just have carry on bags. Will we beable to get to Jamaca Station in time to catch the 5:47 train out to Long Island?

I arrive into JFK Terminal 7 on BA173 from London Heathrow at 13:55 on Mon Oct 8 and have a Delta flight to Memphis at 16:06 from Terminal 3. This gives me just over 2 hours to clear customs, collect luggage and check-in for my flight. Considering check-in for Delta will close 45 minutes before departure, I have basically an hour and 15 minutes to clear customs, collect bags and get to terminal 3. Is this enough time? Thanks.

How do i get from Delta flight from Terminal 3 to Delta flight leaving from Terminal 4? Delta website shows a possible Gate 11 shuttle? Does that exist and make it so i connect without going through security again?


I'm travelling from Istanbul to Los Angeles visa Delta airline, I need to go from treminal 3 to terminal 2 to catch the other flight. shall I pass the passport control or security checks in JFK airport? (I'm holding a DV visa and this is my first time landing to US.

My flight connections have been changed (unfortunately not for the first time this trip!), and I've been given 45 minutes between a plane that gets into Terminal 2, and one that leaves from Terminal 3. Is this realistic?

I bought a flight ticket SFO to JFK and the arrival time is 4:40pm with Jetblue so I will be arriving to the terminal 5 and the flight back to Spain is with Delta Airlines departing from terminal 3 at 7:35pm... It's enough time 3 hours to make the flight connection between both terminals? How many time takes for the Airtrain goes from terminal 5 to 3? Thanks!

Hi, On Aug 1st my parents came by jet Airways india to Terminal 8 and rechecked in 4 baggage to Jetblue to charlotte afer customs clearence. JetBlue lost one of our valuable baggage. We have lodged the complaint to JetBlue. Is there a way to check with in the terminal Lost/found?. please help

Am flying in from tampa to la guardia and transferring to jfk. We have an 11 hour lay over. Can we check in early with delta or only 3 hours before flight or is there somewhere we can store our luggage so we donot have to stay in the airport the whole of the time. We are flying out of terminal 2 back to london.


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