JFK Airport Car Rental

Each terminal's have rental car counter or courtesy telephones.

Budget, National, Avis, Hertz, & Alamo!

Car rental companies that operate at JFK Airport:

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Car rental Phone Number(s)
Advantage 800-777-5500
Alamo 888-233-8749
Avis 718-244-5406

Budget 718-656-1890

Dollar 800-800-4000
Enterprise 718-553-7013

Hertz 718-656-7600

National 718-632-8300

Payless 800-729-5377
Thrifty 800-331-3550



WE are a group of 10(6 adults & 4 children) planned to visit Newark & New York and may stay at Ramada Hotel at 160 Frontage road, Newark. May we require a van for drop to JFK on 14th May. we have international flight.We may have 1 luggage with each adult.
pls quote the best price for this trip. Gratuity will be considered great.

Piyush Choudhary

Inquire directly with car rental companies.

I arrive at JFK on British Air and I will need to rent a car.
Are the car rental company desks in the terminals or do I have to go somewhere else on a "train" like they do over at NEWARK Intl Airport?
I have a handicapped person travelling with me and taking luggage and a wheelchair on an "train" is not easy.
Also, are the hotel shuttles coming all the way to the exit of the terminals or again do I have to go on a special "train" to find the hotel shuttles?
Any replies would greatly assist.
Thank you.

The rental cars and hotel shuttles are located at the Federal Circle station of the AirTrain. Take any train on track 1 from your terminal to Federal Circle. You won't have any problems with a wheelchair on AirTrain. All stations have elevator/handicap access and there's plenty of room in the train cars.

Hi, I am thinking of renting a car from "Honk Rent A Car" in Buffalo and returning it in JFK. Is the Honk return counter in the same building as with the others such as Hertz and Avis. Also where is the terminal for Cathay Pacific airways and how to get there after returning the car? Thanks.

Cathay Pacific is terminal 7, take AirTrain from Federal Circle (rental cars) to terminals.

I'm arriving at the JFK airport, renting a car and travelling around. Towards the end of my vacation I'll stay in NYC for a week but would like to return the car before my flight out - should I return the car at La Guardia or JFK (considering traffic)?

Consider the fact that returning the car in the different location(if it is possible) will result in separate charges. Speak to the rental car companies. Regards the traffic - LGA is closer to Manhattan than JFK hence less traffic.

Do any of the car rental companies actually give a quote which includes all the extras?

To date, whenever I hire a car I get asked "would you like to take out insurance for excess protection" which is anything from $10+ per day!?

I'd like to find an agent, and book a car for May, if I can find one who can quote me for all extras.....


I am looking for car, where 2 people could sleep in it in the "worst case". Could you suggest me any car from your offer (not a camper! or SUV) ?

Thank you!

Rent SUV please.

Most car rental companies should provide you with all the details including car insurance per day, rates and any applicable extra they may offer.

Hi! Does Anybody have some information about Albatroz Limo Tour? I am contracting them to my transfer in/out on New York.

Google Albatroz Limo online and find all the information.

http://www.albatrozlimo.com/ or


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