Terminal 8


Airlines that operate from JFK Airport Terminal 8

Airlines Phone Numbers IATA Code
Air Berlin (866) 266-5588 AB
American (800) 433-7300 AA
American Eagle (800) 433-7300 AA
Finnair (800) 950-5000 AY
Lan Chile (866) 435-9526 LA
Lan Ecuador (866) 435-9526 XL
Lan Peru (866) 435-9526 LP
Qatar Airways (877) 777-2827 QR
Royal Jordanian (212) 949-0050 RJ
TAM (888) 235-9826 JJ
US Airways (800) 428-4322 US



I have been trying to reach AirBerlin all day about lost luggage, but it appears to be impossible to get hold of anyone. The luggage has been lost on the flight from Dusseldorf to New York that arrived on August 29th in the evening at 7:55pm. Is there any other way I can get an update on the status of the luggage?

Hello I have same problem. But I arrived from Dusseldorf flight before your(12:55pm), and they promised, that my luggage come with yours flight and then, they call me. BUT no calls, NOTHING. I can't her aby info. Do you have some updates? Anyone help

Guys, i need help.

My arrival flight at terminal 4 from etihad air and departure from terminal 8 from American airline.

1) Do i need to claim bagage at terminal 4 and recheck in at terminal 8 ?

we lost baggage in air berlin flight from tel aviv - berlin - jfk
date:27 july.
we have a phone number: 718-2440921 but there is no answer for 5 days....
we sent an email to the company - no answers...
what should we do?

Terminal 8 Air Berlin flight AB7451 from JFK to DUS (Dusseldorf, Germany) on July 27, bag # AB884419. Black, soft cover.

Did you ever get your luggage? My luggage is also missing from same flight number AB7451 from JFK to DUS on September 17, 2017 with connecting flight AB8586 from DUS to ZRH. Been over 64 hours and no update to the lost bag trace reference number I was given.

Tonight, arriving from London Heathrow, I left my black rucksac., containing another white one a Phone charger and a notebook at the passport control desk. If you can find it please contact me.

hereby I want to report lost baggage.

I travelled from Prague via Berlin to NYC on 23.07.2017, because of the delay flight from Prague to Berlin, my luggage didn't get to the plane to NYC with me.
So after arriving I filled the report paper about lost luggage. I filled the hotel address. But they didn't deliver it.

I tried to call for a number I was given for hours 17182440921, but nobody answered.
Today I moved to California. In California i am going to stay for one month.
So I want to ask you would you be so kind to help me with this issue?

I suppose to take AA21 on 13/7 from JFK to LAX and then transit to AA193 back to HK. However, AA21 canceled due to bad weather and I chanted to flight AA185 from JFK to LAX. Then I took CX 897 back to HK on 15/7. Unfortunately, my baggage is missing due to poor arrangement. Until now I still can't find it and I already reported when I got off the plane. My suitcase is black in color Olympia. My tag number is AA4001470030. Please contact me because the baggage is really important to me.


My bag was lost on Monday 17 July on AirBerlin flights from Florence to Duesseldorf / Duesseldorf JFK.

AirBerlin informed me on Twitter that my baggage was scheduled to arrive at JFK on flight AB 7480 at 7:55PM yesterday (20 July).

I have not received any phone call yet to confirm this. Can someone check if the baggage has arrived at JFK? Happy to pick it up myself. Thank you.

I was on a flight from Copenhagen via Düsseldorf on the 18th of July. Since then my baggage is missing. The agent at the airport did not fill the form properly so I am missing the file number that would allow me to track it. The phone number that was given to me is not working ( nobody is answering and impossible to leave a message). The phone number above is always busy. I need to contact a person from the Air Berlin desk at JFK please. After talking to several people, it seems that it is an habit for Air Berlin to loose luggage on transatlantic flights. Never again.

Hi, airberlin lost my luggage and they are not answering my calls. How can e-mail them?

Another piece of lost luggage from Air Berlin. As others have noted the phone numbers provided by Air Berlin do not work - can someone please advise how to get in touch with the airline?

Air Berlin lost my luggage on a flight from Florence to NY connecting through Dusseldorf on July 11. It has been over 5 days since I filed the claim with the people at JFK and I have heard nothing from them. No one picks up when I call the number provided (718-244-0921). Is this normal? I have had luggage lost in the past and both times got it back the next day. Can anyone please provide any help or advice?

Air Berlin lost my luggage 2 days ago when I flew from Florence to JFK, connecting in Dusseldorf. I was told to call Omar at 718-244-0921. I have called many times but no one picks up and the voice mailbox is full. I spoke to someone at Air Berlin who told me I could track my bag online - this service asks for a 10-digit reference number, and of course there is no such number on my claim ticket.

At this point I'm completely in the dark with little faith that these people are actually doing their job to track down my bag.

Does anyone have any advice or information they can offer?


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