JFK Airport Car Rental

Each terminal's have rental car counter or courtesy telephones.

Car rental companies that operate at JFK Airport:

Car rental Phone Number(s)
Advantage 800-777-5500
Alamo 888-233-8749
Avis 718-244-5406

Budget 718-656-1890

Dollar 800-800-4000
Enterprise 718-553-7013

Hertz 718-656-7600

National 718-632-8300

Payless 800-729-5377
Thrifty 800-331-3550



I've received a very good rate for a carrental from HONK carrental, but I have never heard of this company. Also when I google it you don't get a lot information.
Can somebody help me or has someone already rented with this (new-zealand)company

Honk Car Rentals is a brand name used by iMall Brands Ltd who are a worldwide travel company specializing in car and RV rental, headquartered in Auckland New Zealand - but with operations all around the world. iMall Brands operates http://newyorkairportcarrental.com offering car rental from large blue chip car companies. Occasionally a major provider with too much fleet will drop their rates anonymously through a 'white label' brand, so they don't compromise their brand by pricing their rentals too low. Honk is such a 'white label' brand, so if you book with a Honk vehicle, it will end up being supplied by one of the major providers.

Hi we would like a GPS but can't find any where to contace anyone to see if our car will have one were getting a car from FEDERAL CIRCLE BLD #312 but there is no contace details to find out anythin hope somone out there can help us will be there for 8 days
thanks Johanna

Hi all,
I need to know where the office of Hertz near terminal 4. And 4 hours before my trip is enough to deliver the car and return to terminal 4?
Thank you for all

All rental car companies are located on the Federal Circle Terminal. Four hours is more than enough to return the car, do some shopping, eat and get early to terminal four. Enjoy your trip.

I rented a car from AVIS at JFK on Saturday June 13, 2009. They only had 2 agents working the counter at 10am.
I was told they did not have my size car available, which I had reserved several days prior.... did I want to upgrade for $6 a day more? No, I said. They said it would be awhile for them to bring down a car.
I waited 20 min. and they said it's coming, it's coming. As it turned out, the rental car was in the space 20 feet outside the door, first one, and they made me wait for no reason.
Since you pay for those extra hours, a delay can cause you to rack up hourly rental fees. So I suspect this is a common practice at this rental site.

The reason I say this is because upon returning the car, on Saturday June 20, 2009.... they said their computers for check in were not working and I had to go inside to check the rental car back in.

Well guess what? Only 2 agents at the counter again at 4pm. ... The same 2 agents.

I waited 30 min. to check in the rental car and yes, that waiting time at the counter was counted as car rental time on the rental agreement. There was a line of 8 people behind me waiting to check in their cars as well and the agents were in no hurry to check people and rental cars back in.

AVOID THIS AVIS LOCATION at JFK. It is the worse car rental agency location I have ever rented from. I'LL NEVER AGAIN RENT FROM THIS AVIS LOCATION!!!

Who can help me?
I am trying to rent a car from JFK for July 2nd to be dropped off in Poughkeepsie or near there. All rent a car companies are fully booked on that day. Is it possible?


When I fly into JFK my car rental location is from Budget Building 6310 Federal Circle

Do you all provide a shuttle to Federal Circle so I can pick up my rental car?

On a lot of occassions that I've been to NY, I've had the opportunities to try the car rental services of Avis, Hertz and Dollar. So far, I would recommend Avis for their excellent customer service and well maintained line of vehicles.

Please advice, how I can pick-up a car at Building 305
Federal Circle from Terminal 7. Is it easy? I mean to find a shuttle or some thing else..
Thank you in advance.

I book my one week minivan via hotwire with Budget rental car. When I arrive at the counter, The female manager won't call me to the counter, she is on personal phone call,which I can hear everything she said. I wait for 10 min, the 2nd person shows behind me.We ask her, can someone help us? She was burst into attitude, and told us,"just wait,she has problems with the work schedule". Finally after 25 min, she check my reservation, and told me I have to get a free upgrade to a big SUV. I told her I just want my reserved minivan. She claim nothing available, but I saw so many in the parking lot,why? She ignore me,and walk away from 15 min. She is the only person in the counter, I was so mad. I ask for supervisor, she said she is the one.....Finally after 45 min, she gave me the car key with the real bad attitude. It ruin my vocation feeling at the begining.I strongly told evryone....Do not rent from Budget Rental car @ JFK...

I REALLY would like to know and have email addresses for AVIS or ENTERPRISE that run OUT OF the JFK airport, in NY!!!!! I'm not in state right now and need to email to ask about a one-way and how much...all I keep reading is renting for a week or days and having to return vehicle to the same location!!! Please HELP!!! Thank you L

go with hertz... hertz is the only one that does one way rentals.. so u can pik up the car frm airport and drop it anywhere else

I would like to rent a car for 10 days . I am from Slovakia and I dont know what I need for this .Can you help me whit them? Thanks.

dont ever ever rent with entriprise they are the worse esspecially the one on merrick blvd in queens
the cars arnt service regulary and they are filthy.


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