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JFK Airport Shuttles

New York Airport Service (NYAS)

Transport available between 6.15am and 11.10pm

JFK - Manhattan

JFK Airport
Grand Central
Port Authority
Penn Station

JFK Airport Super Shuttle

Service available 24 hours a day

Provides door to door service for your party.

Fares -> $15 - $19, depending on destination



Read lot off items but still cannot find the item that fits me.
We are 4 People (2 Adults, 2 kids)and 4 suitcase and handluggase.
And want to go fast and cheap to the hotel?

Any one?


I am arriving to New York through JFK airport on august 15th, and I would like to reserve a shuttle for me and my friend in order to go from the airport to Manhattan and back. I tried to make a reservation on the supershuttle website, but my airplane company doesn't appear on their list. I am travelling with the company XL Airways France, could you tell me how I should do to reserve a shuttle please?
Thanks for your help

You can take a NYC yellow taxi from your terminal to anywhere in Manhattan for flat rate $45+tolls+tip, that's the cost for both of you. If you prefer SuperShuttle you should inquire at the Welcome Center for availability and rates.

first timer here, need fastest way to get from JFK to the World Trade Center...Taxi too expensive but also don't want to get lost. Is the subway safe enough? Arrival time at JFK is saturday 8:30am. Also, easiest and not expensive way to get from the Times Square area to JFK saturday night.

Take AirTrain on track 1 from terminal to Jamaica Station, transfer to E subway to last stop at World Trade Center. To return to JFK take Jamaica-bound E subway from 42nd St/8th Ave (Port Authority) to Sutphin Blvd/JFK and then AirTrain to terminals. It'll cost you $5 on AirTrain and $2.25 on the subway.

My family and I are arriving to JFK on august 18 at about 8:30 pm and have a reservation at the Hilton Garden Inn/Staten Island. Which is the best and cheapest way to get to the hotel from this airport?
This is our first trip to NY and our two kids (9 and 12)come with us; the hotel has a complementary shuttle from EWR, would be better for us to go from JFK to EWR toget the shuttle? is there any way to do it?

Taxi to Staten Island is about $80 for all 4 of you. It will cost you at least that if not more, and much more travel time, to take a shuttle bus from JFK to EWR and then hotel shuttle from there. Is it possible for you to switch to a flight that arrives at EWR instead of JFK?

I am flying in from Tokyo on Sunday Aug 7th at 6:30 a.m. I have to catch a flight at 9:55 a.m. from LGA to Hartsfield. I have never flown through or been to New York. I read online that a taxi would be the best bet for a $45 flat rate, is this true? I tried to book a shuttle with but it said nothing was available at my needed times. I have been teaching in Asia for almost two years and I really want to go home for this visit. The travel time is already nearly 30 hours. I can't miss my flight. Can someone give me some advice?

Taxi from JFK to LGA is around $30, and at that time on a Sunday morning it shouldn't take more than 30 minutes travel time. Provided you arrive on-time from Tokyo and clear customs in less than one hour you could be to LGA by 8:30am.

I will be arriving to Penn Station weekday at 9:30 pm.Need to be at JFK 10:30pm.Which is the fastest way and will I be on time.

Fastest might be taxi at that time of night, or LIRR from Penn Station to Jamaica and AirTrain from there to terminal. Either way you're looking at 45 minutes at the minimum.

What is the best transport (train/bus/shuttle) from JFK to boston with a dog?


You should check with Greyhound, Megabus, Amtrak, etc about traveling with pets. Bus is certainly cheaper than train; Megabus is located on 9th Ave one block from Penn Station (Amtrak) while Greyhound is at Port Authority Bus Terminal at 42nd St/8th Ave.

I will be arriving in the JFK AirPort (terminal 8) from Washington, DC Will have to meet a friend coming from Brasil at terminal 3. Then we will have to go midtown Manhattan. I would like to get some help of how getting to terminal 3 from terminal 8 and then to manhattan (the cheapest way). Thank you.

Take AirTrain on track 2 from T8 to T3. Then take AirTrain on track 1 to from T3 to Howard Beach Station, transfer to A subway. Midtown stops on the A are 34th St and 42nd St. For local stops at 23rd and 50th St transfer to the C subway at 14th St. All midtown stops on the A and C are along 8th Ave. Airtrain is $5 and subway is $2.25.


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