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JFK Airport Parking Information

You can use two different types of parking at JFK airport:

Long-Term JFK Airport Parking
Located at Lefferts Blvd, 4 miles from CTA
AirTrain services link parking with the terminals.

Parking rates

$18 for up to 24 hours
$6 for each 8-hour period over first 24 hours

Daily JFK Airport Parking

Green parking - Terminals 1,2,3
Blue parking - Terminal 4
Yellow parking - Terminals 5 & 6
Orange parking - Terminal 7
Red - Terminals 8 & 9

Parking rates

$3 for the first half hour
$6 for up to 1 hour
$3 for each additional half hour, up to $33 maximum each 24-hour period


i have an 8:15 fleight with Jet Blue on Monday Aug 13. I plan on getting to the Parking lot at 6:15 in the morning. Is this enough time to allow for check-in ?

i am flying out of delta at 8am on august 10 and returning from delta on 8/14. where is the parking located and approx. how much will it cost

Is $15/day REALLY the rate?

Trying to decide whether to take car service for $75/ea way or park for the week. At $105 that's the better deal....but if there's the typical 20-30% NYC Taxes on top, then....not so much. I'll pay someone to pick me up and save the gas $$!

Anyone know the actual cost?

Prices are way too high for long term parking and no help at all if you arrive late to pickup your car. Outrages and like someone said "ridiculous capitalism". How far can you managers are going to extortion American people? Don’t you think we’ve got enough: gasoline prices, high taxes on everything, parking up sky prices what else is next? are you Russian collectivism or Russian mafia?

the total charges to park my car exceeds the price I paid to fly to Europe !!!!
Also, when I come to pickup someone, it's ridiculous that there is no real waiting areas other than the yellow stripes on the asphalt...
You, me, JFK users, we have to let the airport management know that we are tired of being the victims of this ridiculous capitalism, where it cost more to travel from Manhattan to JFK that going to Europe.
Guys !!!! don't you think there is something wrong with that ????

Yes I definitely do. Did you know that most of the airport transportation services do not serve Brooklyn? If they do, it's over ONE HUNDRED Dollars...That's just crazy!!!!!! I used to travel to and from the airport in Rhode Island and Park my car for long term stay for less than $50, in addition they had my car warmed up for my arrival during the winters. Now why can there be service such as that in a small state like Rhode Island....very disappointing NYC. :-(

If you think $15 for parking for an entire day is expensive, then don't move to Los Angeles; they charge you for parking EVERYWHERE... and can easily be $15 for 2 hours. Parking in NYC for 2 hours is easily $28 plus tax, so quit your whining that parking at JFK is too expensive.

My friend is going to take a flight on saturday and will be driving my car to the airport so I can have my car there when I arrive from my vacations on Sunday (about 30hrs after he gets to the airport) Is it easy to spot your car in the long term parking? Is the parking divided into sections by color and/or letters/numbers???

Does anyone know if the new Jetblue parking garage is open?


the long-term parking at auckland airport in new zealand is $35 per day, and they don't do anything less than a 24-hour period... so 49 hours= 3 days! i'm parking at JFK tomorrow and am thankful for the lower prices.

Parking prices in JFK are too HIGH!

we are picking up my son from an international flight but prefer to avoid parking or circling; is there a "cell phone" area to sit & await his call and then just pick him up at the curb?

What is the daily rate if I have disability plates and leave my car in a short term parking area?

I have an 8pm flight midweek flight. I plan to leave my car in long term parking. Will I easily find a spot if I arrived about 5 pm.


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