JFK International Airport AirTrain

AirTrain JFK is the train service that operates between JFK
International Airport, Long Island Rail Road trains and New York City Subway.
It also serves as an on-airport service connecting the airline terminals, rental
car facilities, hotel shuttles, and airport parking lots.

Air Train JFK has
3 routes:

  • Howard Beach route

The Howard Beach route ends at the Howard Beach-JFK subway station. It stops
at Lefferts Boulevard (connecting transit services - B15 bus) for shuttle buses
to long term parking lots A and B and to airport employee parking.

Connecting transit services: A subway train, Q11 bus

  • Jamaica Station route

The Jamaica route ends at Jamaica Station on the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR)
next to the Sutphin Boulevard/Archer Avenue-JFK subway station (to Brooklyn
and Manhattan or Queens).

Connecting transit services: E, J and Z subway
trains, Q6, Q8, Q9, Q20A, Q20B, Q25/Q34, Q30, Q31, Q40, Q43, Q44, Q60  and
Q65 buses

Both routes make a counterclockwise loop through the airport and stop at each

  • Airline Terminal route

The Airline Terminal route connects 6 terminal stations (Terminal 1, 2-3,
4, 5-6, 7 and 8-9). Route operates in the opposite direction, making a clockwise
All JFK AirTrain stations are wheelchair accessible. Howard Beach subway and
Jamaica Long Island Railroad stations are wheelchair accessible too.

AirTrain Fare Information

  • Fare of 5$ at Howard Beach or Jamaica Station
  • Rides between all other JFK AirTrain stations are free



Hi - I arrive at JFK on Friday 18th May at 11.25. I am wanting to travel to Montauk, Long Island, directly from the airport. Please could you tell me what route, train I should take, and where from? Kind regards

Air train on track 1 only.


I'll be arriving by SIA at 11.00 am and I'll be taking Delta airlines to D.C. at 1.50 pm. Which terminals would I be arriving and departing from and is there enough time to make the connecting flight?

Delta Domestic 2/3.

Is the airtrain running from Jamaica LIRR to terminal 5 Friday morning 4/13 at 8am? Someone mentioned I will need to take a shuttle bus due to construction on the AirTrain. If so, where do I catch the shuttle bus and how often do they run?

Hi, I am coming into JFK from terminal 3 ( Delta ) and need to know where I can connect to the air train to get to Jamaica Station. Also is there a fee associated with the air train? Thanks for all your help.

3rd floor of terminal 3. Take it on track 1 to Jamaica Station. It is free unless you take one from Jamaica Station to all terminals.

I am coming from JFK airport, how do I get to The Empire Hotel? I know that if I take a taxi it will be very expensive, I would like to take a train, or bus.

Hi can you help with the best route to get to our hotel on West 35th Street? We arrive from London Heathrow.
Appreciate your help.

We are arriving at JFK Terminal 7 may 1st at 12.35 pm. Pls advise how to get to Madison Ave with air train and subway. Can we buy one ticket for this journey at the airport?

Take Airtrain from terminal on track 1 to Jamaica Station, transfer to E subway to Lexington/53rd St. Transfer to the downtown #6 subway which runs along Lexington Ave which is two blocks east of Madison. Get off depending on what cross street on Madison Ave your destination is, i.e. 42nd St, 34th St., etc. Purchase your Airtrain and subway fare on the same Metrocard before you exit Airtrain at Jamaica.

I arrive into JFK at Terminal 7 and have a Delta Flight (JFK to BOS) to connect with.

Please advise if 2 hours is sufficient to collect luggage and check in to the Delta flight.

And what are the options for transferring between the terminals.


2 hours should be enough. Air train is a free option and taxi is a pay option for you.

We have an appointment with global entry office in Terminal 4 closest to passenger pick-up side A&B before a flight that evening leaving from Terminal 5. How can we get from the office location to Terminal 5 with our bags?

i will depart at3pm on 2nd Aprill.
is it possible that i take the airtrain from jamaica station?
i heard that the air train only operate night time.
thank you for reading


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