Luggage Storage

Location Within Terminal:

Terminals 1 Arrivals - First floor
(near Alitalia and Olympic Airlines)

Hours of Operation: 7AM-11PM

Approximate Cost (depending on size): $15 - $25 per day

Telephone: (718) 751-2947

Terminals 4 Arrivals - First floor

Hours of Operation: 24 Hours

Approximate Cost (depending on size): $15 - $25 per day

Telephone: (718) 751-4020

Terminals 8 - (American Airlines)

Hours of Operation: 6AM-10PM

Approximate Cost (depending on size): $15 - $25 per day

Telephone: (718) 995-9292

Early (earlier that 6:00am) pick-up of luggage is possible.

Price list (as of May 1st,2010) for baggage storage only at the facilities at Terminal 1 and Terminal 4.
The prices are per bag, per 24 hours:

Up to 20" - $4

21" - 24" - $6

25" - 26" - $8

27" - 32" - $11

Other(non standard bags, skis etc) - $16



Hi, I am travelling to LAS from JFK but returning 3 days later to JFK to fly to the UK. Where can I leave my baggage for the 3 days if I am flying with Delta airlines? Please reply to [email protected]

Hello Luggage Storage Center, I arrive terminal 8 on february 7 and leave JFK On february 11 from terminal 5. may i check a bag in terminal 8 or 5 and for how long? PLEASE REPLY TO
[email protected]
Thank you
anne r perkins

I have transit flight through JFK to Cancun, but I have almost 12 hours between the flights, so we would like to visit downtown during this time. If we come to terminal 1, Can we ut luggage to storage in terminal 4, then take it and go to terminal 1 and take the flight?

Baggage departments in an airport are truly amazing. There's just so much luggage and belongings moving through the gates and handling system that it's amazing how they are managed and how they are able to organize all those items every day!

I would like to place my luggages to the storage of the terminal 1 for couple of days. Unfortunately, the criterias (about the luggage measurement) are not really clear for me. Do the mentioned numbers mean kg, or lbs, or inches?
Thank you for your help!

Comedienne Steven Colbert asked me to take 10,000$ out of my bank account and to leave it in storage locker 687. Does Storage locker 687 actually exist?

Need to store 2 bags for a couple of days at Terminal 4. 50lbs each. Will take it me when travelling. Please let me know if space is available for storage between 31Jul-2nd Aug.

The website did not mention that you are required to bring an ID to store luggages. I had 6 pieces of luggage with me. AND because I had no ID, I had to went all the way back home to get it. Cost me 4 hours!!!

Please put the information on the website so other people didn't have to make the same mistake!

hi,my name is Caixia Huang,My daughter's name is Jingyi Ma.
My old flight schedule is from Boston to NewYork on Feb 22nd 7:43am(Jetblue), and then
from New York to BeiJing on Feb 22nd 11:50am(air China),and then from BeiJing to ChangSha on Feb
23rd 5:40pm(AirChina),ChangSha is my destination.I had checked in my four baggages.
the baggage numbers is:0279150760,0279150761,0279150762,0279150763.

but the flight from Bostion to NewYork was delayed ,so i couldn't catch my flight from NewYork to
Beijing.So BOSTON JetBlue staff rescheduled my flight for me:From Boston to Lox(Feb 22nd 05:20pm Jetblue),from
Lox to BeiJing(Feb 23rd 12:40am Airchina),from Beijing to Changsha(Feb 24th 12:05pm Airchina),but my baggages were not reschdule. my e- ticket is 1 2792126694623 3 1,my daughter's e-ticket is 1 279 2126694621.

I couldn't find my check-in baggages(4 baggages) when i had arrived ChangSha,China.and Today,the China Baggage Service tell me that they have found three baggages of those four baggages which are still at your airport(The number is:JFKCA22808,JFKCA22803,JFKCA22804). the lost baggage is a big white one(there is a red rope wrapped on the baggage's handle and a card had been wrote down my phone number:USA 001 9784838807 china 0086 13873184380). could you give me your email ,so i can send the picture of the baggage and my plane ticket to you? i need your help to find my baggage ,please.

and my USA phone number doesn't work now,my china phone number is 0086 13873184380.

please give me the reply email to [email protected] as soon as possible. thanks a lot.

I need to transfer from JFK terminal one to other place, may I drop a piece of luggage at terminal one for a friend to pick it up later? I will not be able to meet him, can he reach the luggage area without airticket? Is there a real key or code for luggage storage? What does he need to take the luggage?

Can I deposit the luggage at the storage and ask my friend to pick it up?

I am leaving JFK going to Toronto on March 24, but would like to store skis for a few days. Can they be stored at terminal 7 where we fly out? for two skis bags what is the fee?

I'll be staying in NYC in-between trips and wish to store bags for up to 8 days - is that possible?

I will be arriving at Terminal 1 and have to pick up the luggage at 5am in the morning. Is there 24/7 service or how is it possible to pick up the luggage?

I have the following situatiom. I want to leave bike in travel case at cloak room in JFK. I will have a flight from Miami to Moscow with stop in JFK and want to take my bike during this stop. I know that i arrive in terminal 4 and depart from terminal 1. What terminal should I use to put my bike to redi=uce time of taking it back during stop? 1 or 4? And I am also wondering how much time does it require to take baggage from cloak room?


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