Luggage Storage

Location Within Terminal:

Terminals 1 Arrivals - First floor
(near Alitalia and Olympic Airlines)

Hours of Operation: 7AM-11PM

Approximate Cost (depending on size): $15 - $25 per day

Telephone: (718) 751-2947

Terminals 4 Arrivals - First floor

Hours of Operation: 24 Hours

Approximate Cost (depending on size): $15 - $25 per day

Telephone: (718) 751-4020

Terminals 8 - (American Airlines)

Hours of Operation: 6AM-10PM

Approximate Cost (depending on size): $15 - $25 per day

Telephone: (718) 995-9292

Early (earlier that 6:00am) pick-up of luggage is possible.

Price list (as of May 1st,2010) for baggage storage only at the facilities at Terminal 1 and Terminal 4.
The prices are per bag, per 24 hours:

Up to 20" - $4

21" - 24" - $6

25" - 26" - $8

27" - 32" - $11

Other(non standard bags, skis etc) - $16



I recently traveled and got to know that its closed due to COVID-19. No clear indications/information about the date of resume.

I would like to store luggage from 7th to 10th october 2020. Do I need to book?

I am visiting New York on 27/11 for 3 days then travelling to Mexico for 5 days before my return flight to the UK from JFK on 06/12. Could I leave a suitcase at the left luggage at Terminal 4 for 5 days?

Does the JFK (Controller General of Customs) ever communicate to the public in any way through GMAIL accounts? Thank you.

I would like to store luggage from 30th May to 6th June. Do I need to book

Did you need to book? Do they allow it for several days?

Please I need so much my bag and thank u so much

i would like to keep my baggage for 10 days from 2-13 june
should i make reservation

I boarded a flight from JFK on the 21st of April 2019 at 23:00 . I came in earlier on a 7 : 00 am Delta air line flight from Minneapolis St. Paul and arrived Terminal 4 at 10: 15 am on same day 21st . I had course to leave a travelling bag and a laptop bag with a winter jacket from around 11 : 00 am of 21st and later picked up the items at about 4 :00 same day in preparation for my Flight to Dubai by Emirate Air line. Unfortunately , when I was arranging my bags , I left unpacked a Menswear shopping bag containing a pieces of suit.

I will know seek clarification if indeed I left the shopping bag.

Hoping to hear from you in due course .

What is the best way to get from JFK to LaGuardia airport.

Hi, we are 5 people arriving on Delta at 11AM and leaving for a holiday to Cairo around 6:30 PM same day.
We would like to store our bags so that we can go for a short tour and lunch.
Please advise.
Thank you.

The guy working the counter at terminal 1 is the most rude person I’ve ever met. Don’t store your bags there, plus when I asked his name he wouldn’t tell me

Hi I land at terminal 7 and leave the following day from terminal 8, and need to store a case for the night, where's the best terminal to store it at please? thank you :)

If i land at terminal 7, where is the nearest storage?


We are coming to JFK sept28th and are leaving okt17th. We would like to leave our bikebags at the Airport if that would be possible. Is it possible and how much is the cost?


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