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Taxis are available at every terminal and there is a taxi stand where you will be directed to a taxi.

- use only taxis from the taxi dispatch booth (refuse offers for transportation from others)

- tipping is customary for good service (15 - 20%)

JFK Airport Taxi Fare

$2.50 upon entry
$0.40 for each additional unit

Unit fare:

- 1/5 of a mile, when the taxi is traveling at more than 6 miles/hour

- 60 seconds when not in motion or traveling at less than 12 miles/hour.

The taximeter willl combine fractional measures of distance and time in accruing a unit of fare. Any combination of distance or time shall be computed by the taximeter.

The fare shall include pre-assessment of the unit currently being accrued; the amount due may therefore include a full unit charge for a final, fractional unit.

Night surcharge of $.50: 8:00 PM - 6:00 AM

Peak hour Weekday Surcharge of $1.00: MON - FRI 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM


Tolls enroute to destinations within New York City are the responsibility of the passenger. On all trips within the New York City, any bridge and tunnel tolls to the destination shall be paid by the passenger, who shall be informed before the start of the trip.

On all trips within the City of New York, return tolls shall not be charged except for trips over the Cross Bay Veterans, Marine Parkway-Gil Hodges Memorial, and Verrazano Narrows Bridges.

On trips beyond the City of New York, all necessary tolls to and from the destination shall be paid by the passenger.

Flat Fare from JFK Airport:

The Taxi & Limousine Commission is conducting a Flat Fare program for trips between (to and from) the Manhattan and JFK International Airport.

The flat fare is $45.00 plus any tolls. The meter will not be turned on and the night surcharge will not be added.

If passengers request multiple stops, the flat rate of $45.00 will be collected at the first stop in either Manhattan or John F. Kennedy Airport, and the meter will be turned on for the remainder of the trip. The metered fare should be collected at the last stop, from the last passenger.

Sample Fares from JFK International Airport to Destinations Other Than Manhattan

(These are estimated fares. Actual fares vary depending on traffic, weather and other unforeseen conditions. Tolls are in addition to metered fares and are not shown.)

Between Terminals -> $4 - $12

JFK Airport to the Bronx

Co-op City -> $39 - $44
The Hub (149th & 3rd) -> $38 - $42
Riverdale ->$48-$53

JFK Airport to Brooklyn

Downtown -> $33-$38
Coney Island -> $35-$38

JFK Airport to Queens

Shea Stadium -> $22-$25
Main Street (Kew Gardens) -> $20-$24

JFK Airport to Staten Island

New Dorp Lane -> $52-$55
Victory Boulevard -> $51-$55

JFK Airport to LaGuardia Airport -> $24-$28
JFK Airport to Newark Airport -> $69-$75 + $15 surcharge


Hi all, going from JKF to Bronx just wondering how much should i expect to pay and what kinda tip if fair? Also what kinda duration am i looking at??


Fare is on the meter (time & distance) to the Bronx, so it will depend where in the Bronx you are going. Estimate around $60. 15% is standard tip, 20% if you get good service. Depending on traffic, allow 45 minutes or more.

I have 3 bags and cant carry all does anyone have a phone # to a cab company and how much it will cost

How much would it cost for a taxi service from JFK to Stevens institute of technology, castle point , hoboken

Around 50$.
Von Hagen

I am with my wife and two children. I will have to change the airport from JFK to Newark in the afternoon. I have some questions:
i) What is the maximum number of bags I can carry with?
ii) Will I have to book the taxi before I arrive?
iii) Does the taxi have car seats, ( I don't know the rule if the children under 6 need car seat). If not, what would be the best and economic option?
iv) Can I check in the Newark airport about 5 hours before flight time ??
Thank you and much appreciated.

could anyone give me an idea of how much a taxi might cost from jfk to hudson heights/ fort tryon park area please?

Ft. Tryon Park is in Manhattan and taxi fare from JFK to anywhere in Manhattan is flat rate $45+tolls+tip. You can also take AirTrain-subway for $7.25: AirTrain from terminal to Howard Beaach Station, transfer to inbound A subway to 190th St/Ft. Washington Ave (south end of Ft. Tryon Park) or Dyckman St/Broadway (north end of the park).


How much would it cost for a Taxi from JFK to JFK Delta Air Cargo to Ozone Park? I would be travelling non-peak and daylight hours. (I have to pick up my dog at Air Cargo).

On the return, I would be travelling non-peak daylight hours from Ozone Park to Delta Air Cargo, but might hit Peak hours from Air Cargo to JFK itself.

Would it be Flat Fare from JFK to JFK Air Cargo and then metered to Ozone Park? And on the return: could it be Flat Fare from Ozone Park to Air Cargo (e.g. could that be considered an Airport trip?) and then metered from Air Cargo to JFK terminal, or would it have to be metered from O.Park and then flat fare fr. Air Cargo?

Thanks for your help.

Delta Cargo Bldg(#21) is located on JFK premises - it will be on the meter and no more than $10(one way).

Hi. A belated thank you. Just to clarify. I need to go to Air Cargo from Ozone Park. The business there could take anywhere from 10 minutes to 1/2 Hour. (This entails checking my dog in for an overseas flight). AFTER that, I need to get to the Terminal (which is on the other side of the runway).

Would I need to call another cab to get from Air Cargo to the Terminal, or does Delta Airlines have some sort of shuttle I could take?

Thus, if TWO Cabs: One fr. O.Park to Air Cargo and the second from Air Cargo to the Terminal, How much total? $20?

How many tolls would I have to pay on this proposed route of travel? Thx.

How much will a yellow cab cost one passenger to South Richmond Hill, Queens?

Around 60$.


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