JFK Airport Car Rental

Each terminal's have rental car counter or courtesy telephones.

Car rental companies that operate at JFK Airport:

Car rental Phone Number(s)
Advantage 800-777-5500
Alamo 888-233-8749
Avis 718-244-5406

Budget 718-656-1890

Dollar 800-800-4000
Enterprise 718-553-7013

Hertz 718-656-7600

National 718-632-8300

Payless 800-729-5377
Thrifty 800-331-3550



Hi - I'm arriving in the international terminal with a medium/large dog (25 kilos/55 lbs). I have to get him and his carrier to a rental car. Does anyone know if any of the car rental companies pick me up at the terminal? Or, any recommendations on the best way to navigate with a dog and large carrier in tow? Thanks!

can you direct to trental return for enterprise jfk ny

How much should i be paying for a Three day rental. Cheapest car. staying in nyc the whole trip?

i will travel from mexico city, and I booked a car in Dollar rent car. wich is the Aeromexico Terminal and how far is from there to car rental agency? I will apreciate you. if you can give me information, is my first time there. Thank you

Can anybody tell me how much time you'd give to go from Stamford to JFK (for a Sunday 7:00pm flight) and allowing time to drop off a rental car? Also does anyone know how long it takes to get from Budget return counter to Jet Blue terminal? Thank you.

Enterprises and dollar rent a car sucks. DO NOT RENT car from them. THey are rude and gives u wrong information. Enterprise is somewhere outside the JFK and you will have to walk from there since the bus system is slow. WOrse part is people inside are very slow and rude. They talk amongs themselves while i was waiting for someone to help me. I had to rush to the airport to catch the plane.

My personal experience,
do not rent a car from Enterprise, if you are going to drop it off INSIDE JFK.
They offer you a drop-off in JFK, but the location is actually NOT inside JFK, it's somewhere on the street.
If you are not familiar with the location, you will never be able to find it while you have a plane to catch up.
And frequency of the shuttle bus is 1 HOUR.
When I called to book the car, they did tell me that I was able to drop-off the car INSIDE JFK. Such a trap!

Long story, but they ended up charged me $486 for a 12 hour rental car from Enterprise.

Hope it helps!

Hi, I am from Singapore. I will be touching down in JFK Airport. I would like to rent a car from this airport. However, I dun have a credit card, even though I have a valid driving license from Singapore. Can I still rent a car, using other mode of payment, given I have no credit card? I would like to get some feedbacks or comments asap, as I will be reaching on 6th April 08.

Is there a complimentary Alamo bus shuttle from JFK to Lower Manhattan?

Can Car be prepaied by travel Agent in Cayman Islands and Voucher used in N.Y. to Rent Car?
this is done in Miami when you dont use a Credit Card.

Hi have hired an Avis car for my boss and he wants to know how easy it is to get from the terminal (7) to the actualy cars.
Could you please advise?
Many thanks

You take and elevator and a short shuttle trin. DOwn another elevator a short walk maybe 30 yards.

Good luck

Can you give me directions from Fairfield, CT to the Hertz rental at Kennedy Airport?

I will be arriving in Terminal 4 at JFK. How do I get to the National Rental Car Desk??
Thank You

all terminals have phones to the rental services - in addition all the car rental swervices have shuttle buses that go to each and every terminal to pick up and drop off patrons. Ask any airport personal to direct you to the shuttle bus stops for car rentals. The stops are in front of each terminal.


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