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She needs to claim her bags, cross all the streets and go up to the third floor. The she will take Airtrain on track 1 and get off next stop - T4.One floor up is a Kuwait Airway check-in counter.

want a cheap flight from jfk to juneau on 19th may 2010
at 21:00 pm

can anyone give me information regarding xl airway, does the new company still have long delays before take off and are the planes cramped?

Helloooo everybody
can you please tell me the cheapest way(airline) to go 18th april night from JFK to Dallas .
thank you very much in advance

hi i am coming from istanbul to jfk on friday the 19th
only one person , i need to go to freehold nj
monmouth county so my question is, will the taxi at the airport take me to freehold nj if so, how much will the fare be

I have two big bags 24" and from penn staion to JFK, how could i get on with less fare possible. Air-train how and where to board / they have space for luggage?? OR $50 taxi(very costly). HELP ME OUT

At Penn Station find the LIRR to Jamaica.Take the LIRR to Jamaica and follow the signs to AirTrain. It'll take about an hour (35 min and 10 min actual riding time) and cost $13 per the website.

You won't be checking luggage, just drag it along with you.

i am going to jfk from ottawa canada is there a cheaper way of doing these a amtrak bus?anything flighs are more then 650 each,,,thanks


I would like to book a Limo at JFK to go to Manhattan, could you advise me.


Call (212)'s a well-known airport limo service here in NYC

I am arriving on flight ,lufthansa, 7.30pm, need to conect jetblue,how long aprox. does it take to get from terminal 1 to terminal 6. Thank you.

just use the airtrain, it takes you directly to each terminal, but just finding the airtrain can be a bit tricky. sometimes you are situated in one part of the building, and you must exit outside to cross the street and go into another section of the building to find the airtrain. good luck!

I am arriving from Toronto Canada on Lan Chile connecting to Jetblue to Jacksonville Fl. How and where do i get from terminals

I will be arriving JFK airport for onward connection to Philadelphia / Wilmington by AMTRAK. May I know the most time-reliable way for getting from the airport to the closest AMTRAK station?

Take AirTrain to longterm parking/Howard Beach subway station and take A-train (subway) to midtown Manhattan 34th ST/Penn Station which is NYC Amtrak station. Total cost $2. Total travel time appx 1.5 hrs


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