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hey..m looking for a cheap airfare from JFK TO LHR flying off on 26th oct and return on 4th nov..anything good..???to assist me..

looking for cheap flight from New York to Boston next July can you recommend a few operators



If you wanna go to boston and not spend any money than take the Bus. There is one for $15. it departs in Chinatown and goes to Boston South Station in 4hours.

do you know a customer servises phone number?? thanks.

i would like to fly from denver,co to new york

Hi. Am flying from London to New York and then from New York to Moscow Russia, which airline you would recomend with best offers

do you have any cheap airfare roundtrip tickets going to Jamaica.

hi there my name is nikki and i would like to ask do u have a direct flight from france 2 new york it would save me soo..... much time thanks..:)

i have a flight from jfk to orlando (mco) no 123
in 25th of jul 2008 by jetblue airline .
from any terminal depart this flight ?

Hi! I'm planing to fly from JFK to LAX this week. What airline would you recommend ?

hi there, I live in New York but am planning going home to Ireland for a fortnight to visit family. What airline to you recommend? I've travelled with aerlingus most of my life, should I change? Am I getting the best deal?

How far is Glendale from JFK?

I am going to the US for approximately 2-3 months and im from the UK. Once ive travelled around New York for a few days, is it possible for me (being a British Citizen) to travel to the other states from New York and booking flights from New York or do i have to book it all in the UK. The cities i want to go to are New York, Boston, Washington DC, Georgia in Atlanta.

My boys are nine years old and have passports. Everyone is informing me that I need a notarized letter from their father so that my boys could travel with me to the Domincian Republic. However, years ago their father and I provided me a notarized letter to provide to the passport agency indicating that permission was granted. So my question is.....shouldn't that be sufficient or do I have to obtain a notarized letter eventhough my children already have passports?


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