JFK Airport Shuttles

New York Airport Service (NYAS)

Transport available between 6.15am and 11.10pm

JFK - Manhattan

JFK Airport
Grand Central
Port Authority
Penn Station

JFK Airport Super Shuttle

Service available 24 hours a day

Provides door to door service for your party.

Fares -> $15 - $19, depending on destination

Website: www.supershuttle.com



Hello I arrive in JFK on monday the 4th at 9 am (local time) and I'd like to know the best a cheapest way to get to The Howard Johnson Hotel in Long Island.
Thank you

Hello, my name is Carolina Calderon and I am from México.

I arrive to JFK on June 09th and I have to go to Grand Central, Witch is the best way to do it?, I need to be in Albany that same day

I need some advice, I'm arriving with 2 other people at 2pm on an international flight and need to get to LaGuardia for a 6:30pm flight, I'm wondering can I make it using a shuttle or is it better to take a taxi?

Taxi would be the fastest in this case.

Would Super Shuttle be the best bet? Cost effective? Arriving at noon on Sunday 4/22

How much will the shuttle to EWR airport cost from JFK? And how long would it take?

Arriving JFK June 2012 3 adults 2 small kids. Any ideas on how to get to hotel in Secaucus NJ. So far taxis running $90+, excluding tolls. other route involves air train, but may be difficult with on and off trains and bus and taxi with luggage and strollers and kids! AND best ways to go from Secaucus to Manhattan and back to Secaucus while visiting NYC. Thanks.

Hi, is there a way to get from jfk airport to white plains directly? How much would that be? I´m staying at aka hotel. Thanks!


I am coming with my doughter to NY Next week and wondering can we take super shuttle from Airpory without makig a reservation advance ?

Thank you for your help.

hi im arriving from spain the 21 of june, i arrive at jfk at 12:50 and i have to go to la guardia airport to get on a flight to chicago at 17:10, how long will it take me to change airports, and wich is the best way to do it

I reserved a seat for tomorrow to be picked up at Grand Central to JFK. I have a confirmation number but am unable to print it.

How do I do a voucher exchange if I can't print

Where exactly is the pick up point near Grand Central

My son arrives at JFK on AA tomorrow afternoon and leaves to CLT on Delta a few hours later. What's the best way for her to get from Terminal 8 to Terminal 3?

Take an air train on track 2 from T8 to T3.

What is the cheapest way from JFK for 4 people?

hi, is there any free airport transfer between newark airport to jfk airport for connecting flights? and how long is the connection please?? thanks.


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