Terminal 8


Airlines that operate from JFK Airport Terminal 8

Airlines Phone Numbers IATA Code
Air Berlin (866) 266-5588 AB
American (800) 433-7300 AA
American Eagle (800) 433-7300 AA
Finnair (800) 950-5000 AY
Lan Chile (866) 435-9526 LA
Lan Ecuador (866) 435-9526 XL
Lan Peru (866) 435-9526 LP
Qatar Airways (877) 777-2827 QR
Royal Jordanian (212) 949-0050 RJ
TAM (888) 235-9826 JJ
US Airways (800) 428-4322 US



Can anyone suggest a place to park longterm for the terminal?

Im arriving from Helsinki at 18:50, could i be on time for flight to LA at 20:45 at the same terminal 8?

Hi everyone,
do you know if there are some plugs for laptop in this terminal?


We are coming in at terminal 8, two persons are meeting us.
We are all from Seattle and doesn't know the airport facilities. We are all 4 going w/ shuttle to Farmingdale. Where is the best meeting place. Arriving with AA.

The A train is REALLY slow. I think you can take the Long Island Railroad (LIRR) from the same station as the A train (different area of the station) and it's half the time for a few more dollars. Worth it.

Could anyone plz inform me how to get Port Authority Terminal from JFK Airport?
Thanks so much.

If you want to save money, take the AirTrain to Howard Beach station, then take the A train (subway) to Manhattan. Get off at 42nd street/Port Authority Bus Terminal. It takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes. The cost is $7 ($5 for the AirTrain, $2 for the subway).

is the parking lot @ terminal 8/9 really closed???

If you are wondering about the quickest way to change terminals: use the AirTrain. It is free.

If you are wondering about minimum connection time: call your airline and ask.

Am arriving in Termina 8 and need to take a connecting flight at Terminal 7 within one a half hours. What is the quickest way to transfer from 7 to 8? pls advise.

Use the Airtrain. There are signs all over the terminal for it.

My son is holding a canadian student visa & will be travelling from Halifax to JKF AT TERMINAL 8.hIS CONNECTING FLIGHT IS FROM TERMINAL 4.Layover is 3.40 hrs.Is there enough time for him to take his luggage & go to terminal 4.
Does he require a transit visa.?
What is the best way to go from one terminal to another?
what is the fare charge for air train?

I happen to read your comment and I have the similar question. I am travelling to JFK in March and then transfering to Term 8 with about 3.40 hrs in between to take emirates airlines. I do have a visa to states. So is it easy to find the airtrain station. I am travelling with a baby as well and was wondering if I need to get out of the airport to take the train. The reason I was wondering that if I need to take winter jackets for me and baby. Also I am really stressed on finding the right airtrain and how to find the station etc. Also I hear when i return to Canada I have to check out and check in again at JFK, how do I do that when changing terminals. Would you happen to know.

I will arrive from Tampa to JFK at 8:00pm, but I do not know, what terminal or gate.
I will leave from JFK with flight LH405 at 9:35pm ( I think it is terminal 8, but I am not sure!)
My question: Time for changing the planes is only 1 and a half hour. Is it possible?

I've heard that there are no shops in terminal 8, is it true? Hard to belive, because in Helsinki Airport there are shops everywear...


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