JFK International Airport AirTrain

AirTrain JFK is the train service that operates between JFK
International Airport, Long Island Rail Road trains and New York City Subway.
It also serves as an on-airport service connecting the airline terminals, rental
car facilities, hotel shuttles, and airport parking lots.

Air Train JFK has
3 routes:

  • Howard Beach route

The Howard Beach route ends at the Howard Beach-JFK subway station. It stops
at Lefferts Boulevard (connecting transit services - B15 bus) for shuttle buses
to long term parking lots A and B and to airport employee parking.

Connecting transit services: A subway train, Q11 bus

  • Jamaica Station route

The Jamaica route ends at Jamaica Station on the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR)
next to the Sutphin Boulevard/Archer Avenue-JFK subway station (to Brooklyn
and Manhattan or Queens).

Connecting transit services: E, J and Z subway
trains, Q6, Q8, Q9, Q20A, Q20B, Q25/Q34, Q30, Q31, Q40, Q43, Q44, Q60  and
Q65 buses

Both routes make a counterclockwise loop through the airport and stop at each

  • Airline Terminal route

The Airline Terminal route connects 6 terminal stations (Terminal 1, 2-3,
4, 5-6, 7 and 8-9). Route operates in the opposite direction, making a clockwise
All JFK AirTrain stations are wheelchair accessible. Howard Beach subway and
Jamaica Long Island Railroad stations are wheelchair accessible too.

AirTrain Fare Information

  • Fare of 5$ at Howard Beach or Jamaica Station
  • Rides between all other JFK AirTrain stations are free



Marcin is correct with the directions however the costs are different. The Airtrain from the airport to the subway is $5 and the subway is $ 2. The Greyhound Bus from Port authority is $ 25. You can view the bus schedule and fares and luggage charges and limitations @ www.Greyhound.com The Greyhound bus takes about 2 1/2 hours. The subway ride is about 45 minutes but you might have to wait for a train at night when you will be traveling for up to 30 minutes. Another alternative is to take the Express bus from the airport to Port Authority Bus Terminal. The cost is $ 13 but it might be worth the extra $ 6 if you are carrying luggage. The bus to Port Authority is aboub 45 minutes to an hour You can find that information on this web site. click on Bus on the right side.


I am from Poland and I also coming to New York but in June 19. The best way to get to AC from JFK is:
- from your terminal go to Airtrain which is in every terminal on second floor (You have to ask somebody where is elevetor to Airtrain and go into)
- You are on Airtrain and you have to go to the last stop which is Howard Beach Station
- on Howard Beach Station you have to buy subway ticket to go to Manhatan. It cost about $7. The name of this subway line is "A"
- You are in subway number "A" and you have to go to Manhatan to Port Authority which is on 42 street (near Time Square) You will on the road about 40 minutes from JFK to Port Authority on Manhatam. If you are not sure where you are just ask somebody to show you on the map where are you and how many stops you will have to do. Subway map is on every subway.
- Now after long trip in subway (about 40 minutes) you are in Port Authority (This place is something like huge NY bus station and train station in one). You have to ask somebody where is "Greyhound Station". I don't remember but I think it is on second floor of Port Authority.
-When you will find out where is Greyhound station all you have to do is buy ticket to Atlantic City which cost about 30 dollars.
- After 4 hours on Greyhound bus you will be in Atlantic City

If you know english perfect you will have no problems because when you ask somebody about road he will tell you. It is good way before the flight to print New York Subway Map from Internet. The road is simple. If you afraid that you will lost you can take taxi from your terminal and taxi driver will take you to Manhatan for about 60 dollars. You shoud also know few addresses with cheap hotels in New York for your self-confident.

Just like I said if you speak comunicative in english you won't have problems. Besides when I was 2 years ago in Lithuania I have no problems with comunication in english in this coutry. Lithuania is great country. A special Trakai, Druskenniki, Kaunas and of course Vilnius.

I think you are going to Atlantic City because you are Work & Travel member. If you won't find job there you can go also to Cape May where I was last summer. There is also a lot of work to do.


Are you the Delta Airways engineer who I met on the subway? I was freaking out because I thought I was going to miss my flight and you basically were the reason I didn't end up missing it! If this is you please email me back, [email protected] I must thank you!



The most inexpensive way would be to use mass transit. First you take the AirTrain from your terminal to the Howard Beach subway station. This is $5.00. Then you take the A train subway to Manhattan, about a 45-minute ride. You get off at 42nd Street, Port Authority. From the Port Authority Bus Terminal you take a New Jersey Transit bus to Atlantic City. I think the bus number is 319, boarding at gate 319. The cost is $28.00.

does anyone know how long it takes from long term parking to terminal 1? btwn finding a spot, waiting for either bus or air train to the terminal. thanks.

I'm a UK citizen flying from Mexico City to Edinburgh Scotland with Delta Airlines via JFK on saturday evening. I have 1 hour 15 minutes to catch my connection in JFK. My luggage should be checked all the way through. Delta says this is enough time, but I've never been through JFK before, and it seems a little short given what I've heard about US immigration procedure -even for a connection stop only.
Any experienced opinions would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks K

you should be arriving at delta int'l terminal and not have to go thru customs or security so there should be ample time. check this with delta. i can't guarantee delta being on time

Can you get off at Lefferts Bld station and walk to Howard Beach station to avoid the $5 fee, and then get on the subway?. How far of a walk is it? Is it possible?


A correction to my previous post: it would be shorter to walk from the Lefferts Blvd Airtrain station to the Aqueduct-North Conduit Ave subway station, about .9 miles. Warnings about lack of sidewalks still apply.

It's possible, but the walk isn't convenient or pleasant. You have to walk all the way to the north side of the Belt Parkway, then head west to Cohancy Street, then south to the Howard Beach Station -- about a mile and a half. I think some of the roads don't have sidewalks.

which is the train from penn station to terminal 6?

Or you can take the Long Island Railroad (LIRR) from Penn station to Jamaica. Travel time about 20 minutes.If you travel on the weekend, buy a "City Ticket" for $3.25.

If you take the A subway from Penn, travel time can be 45-60 minutes. If you take the A subway, be sure to take the one marked "Far Rockaway" or "Rockaway Park". DO NOT TAKE THE ONE marked "Lefferts Boulevard". Both subways share the same track and they alternate between Lefferts and Rockaway.

After getting on the "Rockaway" subway, be sure to get off at the "Howard Beach" station. Follow the signs for the Airtrain. Note Airtrain is $5. You eeed to purchase a "Metrocard" from the special vending machines. There are plenty of customer service people to help you out.

blue line, A train.

i get to NY in 2wks, i will be staying on Myrtle Avenue, Ridgewood. How do I get ther from the airport???Never been to New York so please be detailed as possible, THANKS!!

I am flying into New York in the morning and my connecting flight leaves at 9 in the evening. I want to take the airtrain and see some of New York. What do you recommend and what is the easiest to get to? I don't want to go anywhere that is complicated....just see a bit of New York during the daytime.


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