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Hi.. where do you fly to from jfk, ewr(newark).. I dont wish to support
commie china. if u fly to europe..or the Caribbean or such, please let me
know. If you have reasonable fair like others, I would most likely take yours.
If your way over priced, well then no, I shall not, i'll take a US carrier

Where can I see the flight prices from JFK NY, to Pulkovo Saint-Petersburg,Russia

I would like to know what is considered short term and long term parking?how much will it be to park from 8/22 evening until 8/27 night? If nye-z pass tag is used, is it cheaper? Thank you

any low cost cheap air fare from JFK to Boston?
Thank you!


Hi I need some info. I would like to know flights that arrive JFK from 12 to 6am from india. I have work in NY around 9 am.But I should enter NY before 21 due to Visa issues.Could you please help me to find flights and in cheaper rate.
thank you
your help is appreciated


Hi I need to know how much of the will cost me from JFK to LAX ( I need to go to LA around May 10ths )

any low cost carriers fly out of NYC to St Johns?

You can try Caribbean Airlines.


Need to come to JFK from Journal Square, Jersey City, NJ. What will be the cost of taxi, preferably mini van from this place to JFK? I need to travel with Wife, 2 young kids and baggage. Please advice best and economical way to reach JFK. Is there a way to book Taxi in advance?


Estoy saliendo de Telavit a New York hoy a media noche en el vuelo DL269, quisiera saber si los vuelos estan a tiempo, por que hago una conexion inmediata a Atlanta en el DL1010

i need to book round trip ticket from jfk to kingston jamacia how much will i have to pay if i book the tickets now for dec.

I have a wedding to go to. Was wondering what airline is most economical to travel from jfk to LGB or LAX?

May you suggest me a cheap airfare from JFK to San Francisco? what´s the easiest way to get there?
Thanks a lot


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