JFK Airport Terminal 1


Airlines that operate from JFK Airport Terminal 1 (gates 1-11)


Airlines Phone Number(s) IATA code
Aero Mexico (800) 237-6639 AM
Aeroflot (888) 340-6400 SU
Air China (800) 982-8802 CA
Air France (800) 237-2747 AF
Alitalia (800) 223-5730 AZ
Austrian Airlines (800) 843-0002 OS
Azerbaijan (718) 645-8578 J2
Brussels Airlines (516) 622-2248 SN
Cayman Airways (800) 422-9626 KX
China Eastern (866) 588-0825 MU
EVA Airways (800) 695-1188 BR
Fly Jamaica Airways (855) 435-9526 OJ
Interjet (866) 285-9525 4O
Japan Airlines (800) 525-3663 JL
Korean Air (800) 438-5000 KE
LOT (212) 852-0240 LO
Lufthansa (800) 645-3880 LH
Meridiana (866) 387-6359 IG
Norwegian Air (800) 357-4159 DY
Philippine Airlines (800) 435-9725 PR
Royal Air Maroc (800) 344-6726 AT
Saudi Arabian Airlines (800) 472-8342 ; (718) 551-3020 SV
TAME (718) 285-9402 EQ
Turkish (800) 874-8875 TK



I may have lost a black USB Key (Flash disk drive) named "Yemen" in terminal 1 at the machine to check my back bag before the security check. It happened on December 20th for the AF023 Flight between New York and Paris. It contains the very important files. Please contact me

I am trying to call global dispatch to get information aroun my lost luggage. I know it arrived to jfk yesterday. I have been calling the number on my form (7187511444) did more than 48 hrs and no one answers the phone, emails or voice mails!!!!! WhAt kind of service is this????

Hello JFK Terminal 1,

I understand that there are many bags missing from flights that left JFK in the last week due to the snow storm.

I flew from JFK to London (Gatwick) yesterday and arrived in London this morning. My flight number was DY 7016. My bag did not arrive at Gatwick. I have submitted a claim with Norwegian, but no one has been able to tell me the status of my bag. I am a bit concerned that the bag is not being tracked, and I am hoping that it will arrive in London in the next day or two.

Is there any way to know where my bag is, and when it might arrive? I am leaving for Rwanda in East Africa on Sunday (Jan 14) and will be working from a rural village there for 3 months that is difficult to access. If I do not receive my bag before my flight leaves on Sunday, I will need to rebook my flight to Rwanda which will cost around $1000 and delay the work that I am to be leading while there.

My bag is a large, soft, very bright purple suitcase. It has a tag from Turkish Airlines on the handle with my name. You can email the email address on that label once finding the suitcase.

Please let me know if there is anything you can do for me, as my situation is probably a bit more urgent than others. Thank you so much for your help.

I checked in for a flight from JFK to CDG France on December 17th (flight number 009 - 10.50 PM) and my luggage never arrived in Paris. It is a Delsey luggage (brown) with a red heart on the belt. I have a luggage tag but apprently was never scanned by Air France

I checked in terminal 1 around 7 PM it was the on left counters just closed to restrooms. Is it possible to see on cameras where the luggage did go ?

I opened a ticket at Air France for lost items but they have not been able to find my item so far. Does anyone got the Air France number at JFK? Is there any way to contact JFK lost luggage service (they are not answering my calls)?

Thank you

Was waiting for a flight to Milan on 12/06/2017 and left if at the Gate 7 at JFK Terminal 1
please email me if you have found it
Thank You

Lost Italian Passport
Either left on Alitalia flight 608 on Oct 3, 2017 or on the way to clear Customs/Immigration.
Was in a small Tumi pouch.

It is unfortunate that my husband had to take an emergency flight to Montenegro because his aunt died . But That's not bad enough Turkish Airlines has the Lucy suitcase and he has to be there for a week with no clothes or any of his hygiene stuff because they decide to lose his suitcase . Need to be contacted soon as possible what the find of his suitcase please thank you

I left my MacBook Pro charging at the charging station outside gate 3 in terminal one. The laptop is in a hard marble case with various stickers on it - a ucla one, an artsy fartsy one, etc. It was left on top of a black ucla case, plugged in and charging.

Please please contact me if you have seen it or turned it in somewhere
Thank you very much,

Hi. I arrived on a flight from israel yesterday evening and my luggage never arrived, or was taken mistakenly by someone else. There was a VERY similar suitcase that was unclaimed, however it wasn't mine. If ANYONE seeing this can help I would be very grateful! I am here with 8 children on vacation and unable to leave as I am waiting for a call with information and have nothing but the clothing I arrived in! Please contact me

A man spilled an entire cup of coffee at gate six in terminal one, JFK airport New York. There was a flight about to board for Moscow flight crew at the front desk were notified of this spill before the flight even began boarding. Attendants refused to even call to report this spill. This was an extreme slip hazard. I asked the attendant several times to report it and was told that "it was not her priority". See attached pictures.

Customer safety should be of paramount importance. This is disgraceful.

As I sit here now waiting for my flight it has been well over an hour and still no one has cleaned up the spill.

I take a plane on July 22nd - 2:00p.m.
I was passed TSA security couple hours before boarding.
I have left my LG G pad 7.0(White color with LG logo on the back) at security check point.
If you have one, please contact me
Thank you.

Hello, I lost my laptop (Samsung and white one) at Security zone terminal 1
so please contact me.

Hi! I lost Ipad classic on flight #102 from Moscow to JFK on Thursday June 29

I believe my passport has been stolen, but if it is found somewhere, I would be so happy as I can not get home without it, I am stuck here now. It is a norwegian passport, I can identify details in it. I arrived at june 17. 9pm. It has been missing since, after the security check when I surely used it.

I lost paul smith woman watch that looks like thin bracelet with leather strip (skyblue) and small size watch (gold edge square).
While security inspection at Terminal 1, the basket that I put it on was overturned.
My ring and the watch were disappeared but I just found the ring.
I asked employees to find my watch several times, they ignored me.
Anyway, I am looking for my watch.


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