Terminal 6


All JetBlue operations have moved to Terminal 5.



My mother in law is flying into JFKs Jet Blue Terminal and she is very worried that there won't be any taxi's outside of the terminal.
Does anyone happen to know if there is a Taxi stand or something outside of the Jet Blue terminal at JFK?

I am traveling on 7/26/08 to Orlando on Jet Blue, please let me know from what terminal Jet Blue departs.

I have a friend that is flying in and has a 1 and a half hour layover. She wants me to meet her but I don't know if know I can't get through the gate. Can she come out to meet me? If so, is there anything to do outside of the gate? Any bars are restaurants? Can someone leave their gate and get back in?

I am leaving jfk on jet blue monday at3pm, flying to vegas and returning at 7 am tuesday with my grandson who is almost 3. Am i better off to have someone drive and pick up or has jet blue opened its parking? I think it would be a hassle to get to the long term parking with toddler who is tiered. Any suggestions?

MY husband and I are arriving on JetBlue at noon and our son is arriving on Delta at 2:30. Can we pick up our luggage and go to his gate to wait for him or do we have to pick up our luggage and wait someplace else? Any suggestions on what to do for those 2 1/2 hours? We will be meeing him and then going to the air train to connect to E train to go to Manhattan. Just wondering on where to tell him we can meet him.

What terminal No. will I use to pick up passenger tonight July 4, 2008 coming in from Aruba Flight # 756

I flew from Austin, TX to Boston, MA on 6/20 flight 1264. I left a black camera bag with my Nikon digital camera & a Sony camcorder under the seat in front of me (under seat 20F). The flight then went on to Seattle, then today to JFK. I don't know where it is going from here. I have 4 months of footage of my 6 month old daughter on the camcorder that I don't have saved anywhere else. I am absolutely desperate to retrieve my stuff...my memories. The bag was shoved way up under the seat, so I don't think it is visible by a quick check from the aisle & maybe not even from the seat 21F or 20F. Someone is going to have to look way under the seat. I can't get anyone to do this for me. I just keep being told it hasn't been turned into lost & found. Someone HELP!!! I am willing to pay a reward for it's return. If found, please call 806-773-3979 or 806-783-9123. Thanks for looking!

We are coming into JFK on Jet blue scheduled for 8:53 and leaving from JFK on Jet blue to Orlando at 10:00, will this be enough time to get o our next flight, I'm assumming since Jet Blue has it's own terminal it should all be pretty close but we don't travel often and want to have a good plan in place. thanks for your help.

the jet blue terminal is very small and you should ahve plenty of time

I would like to know if the parking at Terminal 6 is operational (I heard that there was a construction going on there).

it is has parking terminal 5 has work going on.

I am picking up a passenger at the Jet Blue, terminal 6, at approximately 9:30 pm on Friday., I would really like to go inside and meet him,, but not sure how parking and all that works, anyone have a clue???

Its easy. Actually you just park, and you get a card when you drive in. After you are done you just pay by showing the card to the parking cashiers, and you insert the card on your way out to leave the parking. Only question is about, if Terminal 6 parking is operational. Otherwise a parking in another terminal and using the free airtrain seems the only option.

My wife and I + 3 kids (ages 3, 5 & 7) will be arriving in JFK (Delta) from Houston on our way to Italy July 19, 2008. Our flight to JFK arrives at 2:10pm and we don't depart until 8:50pm. We are looking for suggestions to entertain 3 kids for ~6hrs in JFK airport. We are considering a day room at a local hotel or buying a day pass for an airport lounge - Delta? Others? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I am arriving to JFK on June 15th from Tel Aviv with an El Al flight and take a JetBlue flight to San Francisco on the same afternoon. The connection time between the flights is 2 hours and 45 minutes.
1. Is it enough?
2. From what terminal do your flights to SF leave from?
Kind regards,


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