Terminal 2


Airlines that operate from JFK Airport Terminal 2 (gates 19-30)

Airlines Phone Number(s) IATA code
Delta (Domestic) (800) 221-1212 DL



Yes, sometimes that is the case. While Delta normally operates out of T2 and T3 sometimes Delta international flights may arrive or depart at T4.

How does one get from Gate 23 (terminal 2) to Gate 4 (terminal 1)? Is there a shuttle or do have to walk? I have a delayed flight that will give me only 35 min between flights.

the distance is walkable- 2-3 mins.

Air train at terminal 2 to terminal 4 on track 2. 2 minute trip tops.

Hi, there!
My dad is going back to Barcelona, Spain. His first leg of the trip is from Chicago-ORD to NYC-JFK, arriving in Terminal 2 (gate 19) and then leaving from Gate B20 in Terminal 4. Here are my questions:
- How can he change from T2 to T4? (walking/train?)
- He has 3 hours between flights; is that enough?
- Does he have to go through security again?
Thanks for your help!

1.Take air train on track 2, 2 minute air train trip.
2. Yes he has more than enough to make this connection.
3.Yes prior to his second flight at terminal 4.

1. There is a shuttle bus connection between gates 19 (T2), 11 (T3), and B23 (T4) behind security.
2. Yes
3. No, if you take the shuttle bus

1. Air train on track 2 and 2 minute ride.
2. Yes it is enough.
3. Yes he will.

Does anyone know who the DCI managers are at JFK airport Terminals 2 and 3? Are there names and contact phone numbers for these individuals? Thanks for your time and info...

If I was you I would try to google them online or just call the airport and ask for their number.

Hello! Please could you help me. I arrive from Moscow to JFK at 2:45 pm, Terminal 3 DELTA AIR LINES and depart to SFO at 5:15 pm, Terminal 2. How should I get from Terminal 3 to Terminal 2 and do I have enough time for it?

Also, I have another flight after several days: from SFO to JFK arrive at 8:14 pm (Terminal 3) and from JFK to Washington depart at 9:00 pm(also Terminal 3). So it is only 46 minutes between flights, is that enough for all procedures.

I have never flown by plane before, so please help me not to mess this trip.

Hello there! Terminal 3 and Terminal 2 are connected together past security. You have plenty of time to connect.
As far as your second question. You should be fine with that time frame although it will be tight and impossible to connect if your first flight is delayed. Both flights will take place at the same terminal so just look for the gate number on your boarding pass and you should be fine. All flights are domestic so there is no customs or immigration involved in the process.


I am traveling from LAX to Rome via JFK. I arrive in Terminal 2, then must transfer to Terminal 1 for the second leg of the flight. Can you please tell me how long it will take to get from Terminal 2 to Terminal 1? What are my travel options? Will I need to go through security? How long do you estimate the entire transfer will take? I am traveling on a Friday.

Thank you very much.

Hello there!
Its a very simple process. Use air train at terminal 2 on any track. It will take you between 5 and 10 minutes to transfer over to terminal 1. You will go through security at terminal 1 prior to your first flight to Rome Italy. You dont have to walk outside just use air train to transfer between. The entire process from arriving at JFK, going on the air train and clearing security might take you up to an hour.

I don't know what kind of "Specialist" you are but if you have ever been at JFK you will know that for passengers to transfer from T2 via airtrain , they MUST go outside,cross the streets into the parking lot and take the elevator to the Airtrain platform. That distance is almost the same(if not longer) as the straight walk from T2 to T1.
As the other people on this board said - why you, JFK_"Specialist" , won't stop misinforming passengers?


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